Here is the question that I always hear from the 100’s of entrepreneurs that I have worked with:

Can’t I have more than one target market?

Let’s take Jane (fake name) for example, who is an experienced life coach.

It was very difficult for her to choose between different target markets because she felt that she could use her gifts to help different types of people. She could help women and men, she gets along with younger clients but also understood older people, and she has experience in nearly every areas of coaching, so she did not see why she should limit herself to one target market.

Most of her clients were coming from word of mouth from the First and Second Circles of her Network, which was fine for the organic growth of her business in the first few years.

But then when she decided to reach out to the Third Circle of people that did not Know, Like and Trust her, she had to choose one Target Market that she wanted to attract – the one that was the most compatible with her Unique Brilliance. Very soon she realized that if she was going to target 2 markets, she would have to do everything double – her service offering, her advertising message, her incentive, her expertise, everything would have to be adapted to the specific target markets that she wanted to reach.

It’s only when she got to the Third Circle that she told me – “Now I understand why you kept on telling me to choose my target market from the beginning, because now I see that I cannot reach out to more than one market at a time!”

If you are in the same situation as Jane, don’t wait until you get thrown out of the 1st and 2nd circle to realize that you should have chosen your Niche Target Market from the beginning, and start looking for it now 😉

If you want to know what is your Unique Brilliance, schedule a Strategy Call with me by clicking here, and together we will identify the Niche Target Market that you are uniquely designed to help.

Can’t wait to speak to you 🙂

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