One of the many advantages of working with your Niche Clients is that you never have to work with a client that is not your ideal client anymore, AND you are finally able to bring 100% satisfaction to your clients.

This is something that we entrepreneurs don’t like to talk about, especially people like you and me who like to help people.

We don’t like to talk about “Ideal Clients” because that means that some people are not worthy of our help and we originally started our purpose-driven business to help EVERYONE…

But, let me tell you the story of my Client M. to better understand what I mean by “ideal Client”:

M is a well-known Therapist who is an expert in her field. Everything was going well for her, her practice was growing and she had more and more patients, except that she did not know how to say “No!”. One day, she spoke to me about one of her clients who was paying her the lowest fee, who was always complaining and who was the most difficult to get to results.

She did not know what to do with this client…

Does this sound familiar?

Seeing that working with this client was not doing her any favor because she was resenting her for not paying a higher fee and for being such a difficult client, she finally agreed that maybe it was time to let this client go.

The best part of this story is when she told me, lowering her voice: “You know Nathalie, I think I knew that this client was going to be difficult from the beginning”.

And I am sure that you can relate!

So, we know from the beginning when a client is going to be difficult and it is up to us to decide to work ONLY with the clients that fit our Ideal Client Profile. As a result, not only will we enjoy more the work we do with them, but also, we are sure to provide a 100% satisfaction to our clients, and to focus on what we are really great at doing, instead of trying to “help everyone”.

In my upcoming webinar on “6 steps to Find your Perfect and Profitable Niche to increase your Income, Influence, and Impact”, I will share with you the exact tools to help you identify who is your REAL ideal Client and how you can – and even have to – make sure to choose to work ONLY with your Ideal Clients to realize your mission of helping people, your Born To Do.

So make sure to register by clicking here and attend this Live webinar on Wednesday the 22nd at 8 PM (GMT+3).

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