This Friday, the 8th of March is, as everyone knows, Women’s Day 2019.

I have even been invited to speak by the French Wizo for Women of Raanana to celebrate it, and I will also be interviewed on TV channel i24 to talk about what it means to be a Woman in Israel in 2019.

And so I have been thinking a lot about the meaning of this day…

But the more I think about it, the more I feel that instead of talking about Women’s Day as if we were some kind of minority that needs a day to be remembered, we should celebrate the Feminine’s Day.

We all have – men and women – a Feminine and a Masculine dimension inside of us.

For centuries, the world has evolved around Masculine energy – the energy of doing, giving, power, ego and of vertical hierarchy. But lately, the world has been moving towards a more Feminine energy – which is the energy of being, receiving, compassion, empathy, strategic empowerment, and horizontal communication.

One is not better than the other, it is just different.

And as the world is switching dimensions, many men and even some women, who are used to be connected to their masculine energy, are slowly realizing the hidden power of the feminine energy, and are seeing it as something that can make them whole again.

As a Woman Entrepreneur, I myself realized that doing business from my masculine energy was not aligned with who I truly am inside. And so I have learned to connect to my feminine energy more and more, and it is resonating much more with who I am.

That’s also why I am integrating a spiritual dimension, mindset work, and intuition in the work that I do with the men and women of our Born To Do Business Owners Community, because I truly believe that the world is switching to a more spiritual dimension and that it is time for the Feminine dimension to show us the way.

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