If you are an entrepreneur and you like to help people, wouldn’t you like to attract the ideal clients that would be happy to work with you at a premium price to get your unique expertise?

Well, that’s exactly what happens when you decide to find your Niche and I am going to share with you how I found my Niche and show you how you can find yours as well.

How I worked with “everyone” in the beginning

In the beginning, when I first started my Entrepreneur’s Coaching Business, I worked with every type of Business owners possible. I was so excited to help others develop their business that I was not picky about who I would work with. Clients came from word of mouth and in the beginning, I was happy to work with whoever wanted to be my client.

But soon, as it was to be expected, my business grew, more and more clients were hearing about me and wanted to work with me. I was trying to please everyone but they all had different needs, and my schedule was getting busier and busier….

So, not only was I not necessarily the best professional to provide them with their different specific needs, but I was also feeling that my business was getting out of hand and that I was not using my time and my expertise in an optimized way.
I was not in control of my business, it was controlling me.

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When your Business gets overwhelming…

Once I went through the first and second circles of acquaintances (people that know me directly or indirectly), I was ready to scale my business to the third circle – which are people that never heard of me at all. But since I was working with all types of entrepreneurs, it was impossible to know who to target, where to reach them, and what message to use to promote my services.

I knew I needed to focus on a Niche of specific clients, but I was afraid to make this choice.

How working with “everyone” is not the right choice

I had gone through the first and the second circles of people that I knew or that knew someone that I knew, and I was ready to scale my business to the third circle – the one with people that didn’t know me at all. But since I was working with all types of entrepreneurs, it was very difficult for me to know who to target, where to reach them, and how to promote my services.

I knew I needed to focus on a Niche of specific clients, but I was afraid to make this choice.

What are we afraid of?

Like every business owner who starts to scale, I was afraid that I was not going to have enough clients. In my mind, if I narrowed down my reach to a specific Niche of clients, I would necessarily have fewer chances of selling since my potential market will shrink.

I was afraid that my potential target market would be too small, that it would not bring enough business, and that it would be difficult for me to reach my goals in revenues.

Sounds familiar?

But looking back, I know now that my REAL fear was that I did not know how to identify my unique gifts and who I was best equipped to serve. I simply did not know how to choose my Niche of specific clients…and this was probably the most difficult question I had to answer in my business because it related to who I was as an entrepreneur and to my self-worth.  

My Purpose Crisis

This is where I had what I call my “Purpose Crisis”.

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I could not fall asleep at night, turning in my bed, asking myself what was the meaning of it all. It was the first thing I would think about when I would wake up and this question kept turning in my head in a loop. I knew that I was supposed to do “something” with my gifts and to help “some people”, but I was not able to identify exactly how to translate it into a service or into a potential Niche in my business!

It was very frustrating !!!

That is why I went on a quest to find out what I was born to do and I translated it into my unique added value and into the Niche of ideal clients that I wanted the most to serve, and here are the 5 things that I happened:

  • I was able to align my business with who I am and started doing only what I loved doing
  • It helped me understand on a deeper level what my clients were going through
  • I became a recognized expert in my field
  • It allowed me to choose which clients I wanted to work with
  • It allowed me to broaden my reach and have a greater impact  

Today, I believe that finding your unique added value and offering it to your Niche is the ONE thing that will make you truly successful in your business.

What are the Mindset Shifts?

But this realization did not come without hard work and some major mindset shifts such as:

  • Learning how to say No! That is the most difficult shifts that I have experienced in my business and that is precisely what I am helping my clients overcome today
  • Understanding that finding your Niche will NOT come out of an intuition or a gut feeling, but that it takes actual work to identify it
  • Finding the strength and the courage to make a strategic choice and to stick to it (I know this one is very difficult!)
  • Realising that it is better to answer 100% of a smaller niche’s needs, rather than answering 10% of many different types of clients

What are the results?

The good news is, that as a result, once you identify your unique added value and find your Niche, here is what happens:

  • You actually stand out from the crowd and you know exactly why you are different from your competition
  • You attract more of the right kind of clients, the ones who recognized themselves in your Niche
  • You reach 100% satisfaction with your client because you are uniquely designed to help them reach their goals

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How to find your Niche?

My Unique Added Value is to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs LIKE YOU who want to contribute to the world find out what they are born to do and what Niche they are here to serve. That is why I am offering you a free Strategy Call to bring you clarity on where you are today and on what should be done to grow your business and reach your goals.

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