If you have a business or are thinking of opening one, then you are probably asking yourself the following questions, that I have heard so many entrepreneurs ask themselves:

– I have so many services/products that I can offer, why not offer them all?
– Who should I offer them to? Why not offer them to everyone?
– How can I get my message everywhere?
– How can I convince everyone that my product/service is the best?

Those are perfectly valid questions and it makes sense that you are obsessed with them since your financial success – and as a consequence, the quality of your life – depends on those answers.

So, I am sure that you will be very interested to watch and to read what I am sharing with you in the video and the text below 🙂

The secret to making sure that you are offering the right products/services and that you are reaching the right potential customers is to look INSIDE yourself for the people that you want the MOST to serve and to focus ONLY on these people.

I know, it sounds counter-intuitive – if we want to increase your revenue, we should try to sell to as many people as possible, right?

Yes! We want to increase your number of clients, but only the ones that are aligned with your UNIQUE BRILLIANCE.

Your Unique Brilliance is the thing that you do better than anyone else and that helps you fulfill your mission, which is directly connected to your Born To Do.

Once you find your Unique Brilliance, you serve a very specific group of potential clients – your Niche – from a place of strength with exactly what they need.

PS. If you are wondering what is your Unique Brilliance or who you are meant to serve, you can schedule a Breakthrough Call by clicking here and I will be happy to help you find out.

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