Do you want to Scale your Business with a Scaling Expert and an experienced Mentor ?

Welcome to the Scale Your Business Program! 

Who is this Program for?

✔️ You have been in business for a few years and you are serving many satisfied clients who have already gotten results from working with you

✔️You want to continue to grow your revenue and number of clients, but you are ready to do it the smart way, not the hard way

✔️ You want to scale your business the strategic way, by leveraging your expertise, making your offer even more irresistible and optimizing your profits

✔️ You know that if you want to leverage your business, you need to optimize your systems and automations and have an operational and efficient team in place

✔️ You don't want to reinvent the wheel and you understand the benefit of learning from best practices and the proven methods of an experienced mentor

✔️ Being an entrepreneur and a CEO can be lonely - you need to have an invested partner who sees your business from the inside, someone that you can talk to and share your dilemma with

What is special about this Program?

✔️ You work with a Scaling Expert who knows exactly what you need at this stage of your Business even if you don't even know what you don't know!

✔️ You have a Business Partner that you can share with, brainstorm with and consult for small and big decisions, you are not alone anymore!

✔️ You have access to your Mentor for One on One sessions or for a quick question by email whenever you need it!

✔️ You have access to a clear and proven Scaling method that works, all the while being able to customise it your stage and your needs

Meet Your Mentor


My name is Nathalie Garson and I have been helping 100's of entrepreneurs Scale their business for the past 10 years.

I have created the Scale Your Business Program to help committed and motivated entrepreneurs go from being successful to becoming the CEO of their Business.

With an Executive MBA and ten years of experience in Business consulting and coaching small, medium and bigger organizations, my unique brilliance is helping you hiring your dream team and putting in place the most efficient systems and procedures, so that you can be hugely successful and not be overwhelmed all the time.

I can’t wait to go on this journey with you!

With love,

Nathalie Garson

Here is what other entrepreneurs are saying:
Melissa Goldwag
CEO & Owner of Pack for Camp
«After being in Nathalie’s Scaling Program, we went from 
managing our business in our living room as a family business to a team of 4 people.

Nathalie helped us build the foundations of our sales revenue to be ready to scale.

She also helped us figure out what is the ratio of the advertising budget that we need to invest in our scaling stage based on our revenue»
Aviva Yoselis
CEO & Founder of HealthAdvize

«I started working with Nathalie when I needed to Scale my Business and build a more functional business model. 

Since working with her, I have learnt to work on my numbers and how to hire, and it’s been a complete epiphany!

Nathalie’s Scaling program gave me a clear road map of what I need to do and how to move forward in order to reach my goals»

Miriam Koval
CEO & Founder of Wellness Delivered

«I have gained so much from Nathalie’s program!

Before the Program, I thought that hiring was such a big deal and that it would cost so much...

But when Nathalie showed me how, I hired and I saw how it allowed me to continue making money even when I was not available.

One time I made $6,600 in one hour while I was in a session with Nathalie. If I had not hired I would have never made that money!

Nathalie has done an incredible job teaching me how to think like a CEO and this Scaling Program has helped me tremendously!»

Stephanie Kable
CEO of

«As a multiple 6 figures business owner, working with  Nathalie helped me to become the CEO of my business, have a clearer vision and improve my leadership.

It pushed me to realize that before I can increase my revenue, I need to work on my systems and hire my team.

Nathalie’s Scaling Program is very comprehensive, it was so much better than what I had in mind!»

Daniella Rudoff
CEO & Founder of the Marriage Architect
"There are a lot of things going on behind the scene when you scale your business as opposed to just growing my business and doing everything myself.

With Nathalie’s Scaling Program, I learned how to take things off my plate in order to be in my unique brilliance, and to hire the people that I needed in my business.

Nathalie is amazing and working with her is wonderful!"

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