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Hey, I am Nathalie,

I am passionate about empowering Jewish Women Entrepreneurs leverage their unique brilliance in order to be the most aligned, fulfilled and successful in their lives and their business!

A little about me

It's nice to see you here :)

Before you discover WHAT I do in this website, I would love to share with you WHO I am, and WHY I do what I do.

To start from the beginning, I was born in France, I lived in the US and I made Aliyah to Israel close to 20 years ago.

Today, I live in Jerusalem with my life-partner and I am the mother of 2 grown up children who - I still can't believe it :) - have their own lives and are becoming fascinating adults in front of my eyes!

I turned 50 not too long ago (OMG! yes I know!) and when I look back at the first half of my life, I can really see how everything I went through in life was so that I could be here today and share it with the world.

From my childhood and teenage years, I was always obsessed with finding the truth and searching for meaning in life.

I ended up choosing to be ultra-orthodox for a while, because religion seemed to bring the most meaning in life. But after a few years in that world, I realized that it was not for me, and I started my own self discovery journey to find alignment in everything that I do. 

And since then, I have been on this path to find alignment with all of my dimensions:

Alignment with myself as a Woman, a Mother and a Life Partner
Aligning with being a Woman may seem the most natural, but it is what takes the most work and it is the best school for personal growth. I had to learn how to make the right choices to find a life partner, to be there while letting go with my children, and to step into my feminine energy as an empowered woman

Alignment with my Jewish Identity 
It could be easy to take our Jewish Identity for granted. While it comes with a unique history and beautiful traditions, it also comes with a collective unconscious that we have to be aware of in order to turn what may feel like a burden into precious gifts.

Alignment with my Career 
Ten years ago, after many years working in Corporate, I chose to go for my MBA and to become an Entrepreneur so that I could express my unique brilliance, be financially successful AND have a greater impact on the world.

Today, after helping 1000s of businesses from all over the world for the past 10 years, I am fully dedicated in helping entrepreneurs Scale their Business, so that they can become the Leader they are born to be, have a bigger Impact while being in Alignment with themselves, their business and their life.

If this is resonating with you, I would love for you to join our Global Business Network of Jewish Women Entrepreneur so we can get to know each other better :) 

With Love & Blessings,


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