Hey! I’m Nathalie Garson,

I am an inspiring business strategist, coach and mentor.

I am passionate about empowering business owners and entrepreneurs to reach new levels of success all the while fulfilling their life purpose, their Born To Do.



Most people think that the most important assets you need to manage a business are skills and capital to invest.
While this is definitely true, I believe that one of the most important assets to succeed in business is the Entrepreneur’s Mindset. This mindset will give you the resilience to go through the psychological and emotional challenges that you can feel when you are your own boss – such as feeling lonely, lost or overwhelmed.
Working with me, you will strengthen your mindset to go through tough times and keep your mind clear to make strategic decisions which will not be based on fears or emotions.


Most people think that they have to choose between making money or doing what they love.
I strongly believe that we can do both!
Even more than that – I believe that the ONLY way to reach true success is by doing what we love and making money with it.
So as you have probably guessed – I love what I do and I am very successful at it. My passion is to help you be successful while doing what you love, what you are Born To Do!


Most people think that it is important to know what our purpose is but that it is not essential.
I believe that our purpose is the foundation of everything we do. It is what defines the goal we want to reach and it defines the course of action that we should take. So, living a life of purpose is not a “Nice to Have” it is a “Must” that we cannot afford not to have.
Working with me will bring you clarity to what your purpose is AND will help you translate it into financial success. It sounds too good to be true? Well, I have done it, and I am a living proof that it is possible to do what you are Born To Do and be financially successful!


Most people think that it is enough to be expert in something in order to be successful in business.
I believe that being expert in your own field does not mean you are an expert in managing and optimizing your business.
Whether you are starting out in business or if you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, you probably know that you’ll be more successful if you surround yourself with experts that will lead the way for you, share their lesson learned and teach you thing you did not even know you didn’t know. Well, that’s what happens when you work with me 🙂

When you work with me, you receive:

The expertise, the knowledge, and 15 years experience of a Business Strategist & Consultant that will teach you how to strategize your positioning, your marketing, your clients’ relations and your finances. I will also show you how to create systems and workflows, and how to delegate in order to leverage your business and take it to the Next Level of profit and of success.

The tools and methods of a Business Coach – I have learned from experience that being the best Strategist or Consultant is not enough to help Business owners make the right strategic decisions. That’s why I adopted Coaching tools and methods as an essential part of how my work, in order to empower you to work on your Entrepreneur’s Mindset and grow your business as far and as fast as possible.

The inspiration and hands-on advice of a Mentor – Since the best way to share experience and expertise is to lead by example, by working with me you will receive first-hand advice from someone who has already gone through what you are going through, has already made the mistakes and found creative and efficient ways to fix them, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel or waste your precious time on trials and errors.



Fifteen years ago, I started my career in Marketing in the Corporate world and I climbed all the way to the top as an Executive Director of Marketing & Business Development. After completing my Executive MBA, I decided to open my own consulting firm and I was giving strategic advice in Marketing and Business Development to medium & big companies, organizations and governmental institutions.


I was good at what I was doing as a consultant and I was successful, but I felt disconnected from my true passion. So, I went on what I call today my “Purpose Quest”. I started asking questions to myself, introspecting, searching, and losing sleep over the biggest question of my life – Why Am I Here?


Here are the questions which were making me lose sleep: What is the purpose of my life? What is my mission on earth? And what am I supposed to do on this planet so that my life would be more meaningful than just making money and enjoying life?

Don’t get me wrong, I love money and enjoying life, but there’s got to be something more than that, don’t you agree?


And so in the middle of my Purpose Quest, I realized that while I loved being a Business Consultant for big companies, my true passion was to help high-achieving people and purpose-driven entrepreneurs be financially successful by sharing their gifts to the world while fulfilling their life’s purpose and doing what they were Born To Do!


I was born to inspire and empower highly achieving people to gain clarity on their vision, their dreams, and their Born To Do, in order for them to step into their greatness by sharing their unique gifts with the people they are meant to serve, and contributing on a greater scale to a more meaningful and purpose-driven world.

I find the most joy and fulfillment in bringing entrepreneurs and Business owners closer to what they are Born To Do, enabling them to lead successful businesses and reach new levels of financial growth through their meaningful work.


After being born and raised in Paris, I moved to New York at the age of 17 in order to go to college there, and I ended up living in the US for close to a decade. Today I live in Jerusalem (Israel) with my life partner and my two grown-up kids.

Moving to Israel has been the realization of a life dream and it has been one of the best decisions I made for me and my family – Israel has always felt like home, and Jerusalem is the place where my heart and soul are perfectly aligned.

After eight years of working in Corporate, I went for my Executive MBA at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem which gave me the courage and the confidence to realize another lifelong dream to open my own business six years ago.

Three years ago we moved with my life partner to the home of our dreams which is located in an old neighborhood of Jerusalem. Our house is surrounded by trees and I wake up everyday feeling grateful to live in this beautiful place that I can call home and for the positive energies that it brings into our lives.

Today, I am pursuing my bigger dream to help purpose-driven entrepreneurs to be financially successful while doing what they are Born To Do. This passion inspires me to share my gifts with the people I am here to serve – which is you!

Here’s what entrepreneurs say about the work they did with me:

«Working with Nathalie has helped me get clarity in what I really love doing and how I can be successful doing it.»

– Menachem Owner and Founder of Yishi Inspirational Retreat

«I was able to give birth to who I am as a person, and define the added values that I wanted to offer to the world through my business.»

– Shelley Holistic Wellness Coach

«The work I did with Nathalie was coaching- and consulting-related. It helped me find ways to monetize and grow my business in a systematic way.»

– Joanna Founder of Fun In Jerusalem

«Nathalie has helped me identify the core of my business, which is very helpful at the stage of the concept definition and the go to market strategy.»

– RD Founder of The Shabbat Collection

«The proccesses we’ve done with Nathalie were essential for me, and I can say it would be essential for anyone finding their talents.»

– Ilana Psychotherapist, Writer


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I am truly passionate about empowering businesses and entrepreneurs to be the best at what they do. I find the most joy in bringing people closer to their Born To Do.


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