Let’s Plan the Year 2019 Together in a Strategic Planning Day on January 14th 2019!

Did 2018 go by so quickly that you did not do half the projects you planned?
Do you want to choose the right projects to focus on in 2019?
Do you want to increase your revenue in 2019?
The beginning of the new year is always a new opportunity to start new projects, to launch new products, to reach new markets and to improve your financial results…
You are the soul and the brain of your business.
There are so many strategic decisions to make in your business that you might not know where to start from or how to prioritize.
If we don’t plan ahead for 2019, we will not reach our goals, simply because we did not take the time to set them in a strategic way.

The Good News is: You don’t have to do this alone!

—- This is a Personal Invitation for YOU —-

I am inviting you to meet with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs for a full day workshop to strategically plan your year 2019.
We will meet in a beautiful Retreat Center to work on the following:
– Change your mindset
– Get clarity on your goals
– Choose which projects you want to focus on
– Prioritize your different projects

=> So that you can get the results that you want in 2019!

What is a Strategic Planning Day?

A Strategic Planning Day is a full day live workshop where you will shift your mindset around your goals, learn different planning methods and discover implementation tools which will bring you clarity on your vision for the next year and will enable you to plan your activities in order of priority.
You will come out of this Strategic Planning Day with mindblowing breakthroughs that will empower you to have a new perspective on 2019, envision concrete projects and feel a boost of energy that will give you a renewed belief in your success!

What will we work on in this Workshop?

– How to welcome 2019 with positive energy, a mindset of success, achievement and clarity.
– How to look back at 2018, identify what worked and how you can continue doing it.
– Identify which projects you want to focus on and learn how to Get Things Done.
– Learn how to prioritize your activities according to what’s important (and not urgent) and what has more impact.
– Get clarity on how much money you want to make and define your revenues/sales goals for the year 2019.
– Do your financial projections for the year 2019 and evaluate what is the revenue that you can reach.
– Get clarity on the Marketing you need to do and the number of clients you need to close in order to reach your sales goals.
– Create your 12 months goal plan so that you know exactly what to focus on in your business and what to work on as a priority.

Why should we do it together?

Throughout the workshop, I will help you identify the best strategy for your business by seeing the BIG picture and by connecting you to the end goal that you want to reach.
I have worked on many tools to choose the best-optimized tools to plan your year in terms of mindset but also in terms of financial projections.
As you have already experienced, I create sacred spaces for entrepreneurs to feel comfortable to share their challenges without being judged or lowering their self-confidence.
I will help you identify where your mindset gets in the way of your performance and how to translate your growth potential into actual business opportunities with concrete resources and solutions.

When is it taking place?  

The Strategic Planning Day – Live Workshop will take place on
Monday, January 14th, 2019
It is a full day event which will start at 9.30 AM and will finish at 6 PM.
It will include Lunch and Refreshments throughout the day.

Where will it take place?

The Strategic Planning Day will take place in a magical place called Yishi Country Inspirational Retreat Center which offers a mixture of calm and warm energy that will enable you to connect to your souls and to envision your best year.
Yishi Country which is located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
Yishi Country Inspiration Retreat Center is accessible by bus and by car and we will send you all the details on how to get there closer to the date.

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Price for Non-Members is $179
Price includes the Workshop + lunch & refreshments

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**Number of places in the workshop is limited so make sure to reserve your seat as early as possible

***If you have more questions click here for the FAQ on our Strategic Planning Day.