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Who is Nathalie Garson?

I am truly passionate about empowering businesses and entrepreneurs to be the best at what they do. I find the most joy in bringing people closer to their Born To Do, because I strongly believe that we can only be really successful by being closer to our inner self and by finding a way to contribute on a bigger scale to others and to the world.
With my method Empower My Business, I will help you define your true vision by connecting your business to your dream and finding synergies between your personal aspirations and your optimal business performance. I will help you reach your best strategic positioning by defining your specific competitive advantage and your unique value proposition. I will help you bring YOUR COMPANY TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

Business Coaching

After many years of working with entrepreneurs as a Business Consultant and helping them grow with the traditional business performance tools, Nathalie Garson realised that the most powerful tool is the entrepreneur himself / herself.
That’s why she decided to create a unique business coaching program to teach entrepreneurs how to believe in themselves, to face uncertainty and to adapt themselves to the ever changing business context.
That is when the Empower My Business Coaching Program™ came to life!

Business Consulting

Nathalie Garson is the Founder and the CEO of a Consulting Agency called Yazamut Israel.
With its unique expertise, knowledge and experience with the Israeli Market, Yazamut Israel provides valuable information, market analysis, feasibility studies, business plans, and strategic partners to any entrepreneur or company from Israel or from abroad who wants to develop business relations with the Israeli Market.
Yazamut Israel has already provided Consulting Services to the Israeli Government and to many companies and Start ups from Israel and from abroad.

Lecturing & Teaching

Nathalie Garson teaches Strategy, Marketing and Promotion to MBA Students at Vatel School of Hospitality and at TAL Business School.
She is often invited to give inspirational lectures for different organisations, such as Gvahim, Mati and JBNF.
She also enjoys writing articles in various Jewish press and is the author of a blog in the Times of Israel.


Nathalie Garson is a Strategist, Business Coach & Consultant, and a Lecturer with more than 15 years of experience. Originally from France, she also lived in the US for many years and moved permanently to Israel 13 years ago.
She started her career in Marketing and Teaching in the US and in France. When she came to Israel, she worked in different High Tech and Start Up companies as Director of Marketing & Business Development.
After completing her Executive MBA at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, she opened her own consulting firm five years ago, giving strategic advice to companies, organisations and even to governmental institutions.
Around 2 years ago, she realised that her born to do was to help entrepreneurs realise their dreams. She then created her own Business Coaching method called “Empower My Business” to help them find synergies between their personal aspirations and their business goals.
Since then she has helped tens of entrepreneurs to reach true success, both in their professional and their personal life.
She also enjoys teaching BA and MBA students and is regularly invited to give inspirational lectures and workshops in Entrepreneurship, Business Strategy, Marketing and Communication.


I am truly passionate about empowering businesses and entrepreneurs to be the best at what they do. I find the most joy in bringing people closer to their Born To Do.


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