Do you want to attract more clients
and grow your business
so that you can continue to do
what you are Born To Do
 while being  financially successful?

Is this you? 

✔️ You are a Leader, a Change Maker, and you have known for a long time that you are Born To Do something great

✔️ You have started your own business because you knew that it was the best way for you to express your gifts and share them with the world

✔️ You have fought hard to be where you are today and now you want to take your business from sustainable to successful

✔️ You want your business to generate enough revenue to be able to offer a lifestyle of abundance for you and your loved ones

✔️ You have tried different Marketing approaches but you are still not clear what is the best growth strategy to increase consistently the volume of clients

✔️ As a purpose-driven person, you are not an expert in marketing, but you know that if you want to continue doing what you love and reach more people, you have to be more visible and find a winning marketing strategy

✔️ You don’t like to do marketing and to sell, it doesn't feel authentic

A few years ago, I was where you are now, so I know exactly how it feels

  The Grow Your Business Program will help you understand all the facets of your purpose driven business so that you can more successful while being aligned with what you are Born To Do 

What is the Grow Your Business Program?

The Grow Your Business Program is a Business Training & Coaching Program where you will learn how to become the owner of your business, manage the different aspects of your business while continuing to attract more clients, and increasing your revenue so that you can welcome abundance in your life while doing what you are passionate about

Here are the 6 Pillars of the Grow Your Business Program

You will learn how to identify the fears and the beliefs that are creating inner resistances and that are preventing you from stepping into your greatness so that you can become the successful entrepreneur that you know you are born to be
You will design your optimal strategy by identifying who your competition is, deciding how you want to be positioned in your market, defining who is your ideal client and creating the most profitable business model for what you offer with the ideal price
Client Delivery
You will create your Irresistible Offer that will use all of your Unique Brilliance and that will provide your clients with the results that they need. You will create a client delivery system that goes beyond your clients’ expectations so that they will become your raving fans
You will choose the best Marketing Strategy to attract more of your ideal clients from your first and second Circles of Influence. You will identify the best Marketing Platforms and funnels to generate qualified leads, and you will create lead nurturing strategies to make your audience “know, like and trust” you until they are ready to happily convert into clients
You will learn how to focus on money generating activities and how to increase your conversion rates by implementing our proven method on how to close the sales with authenticity and integrity, while always staying true to yourself
You will have a clear understanding of your key numbers by learning how to track money coming in, and money coming out and know what your profit margin is. And you will learn how to manage your cash flow and plan your business activities based on your financial projections
How does it work?
Business Audit

You fill a Business Audit Questionnaire so that we can evaluate what’s working and what’s not working in your business to design the optimal strategy for your Business

Kick Off Session

We first meet for your Kick Off Session to review your Business Audit and to work on your 90 Days Goal Plan so that you know what to focus on in priority in your Business

Individual Strategy Sessions

We schedule your Individual Strategy Sessions throughout your Program to dive deeper into your business and help you make important strategic decisions

Master Program

You are invited to our weekly group calls for a Training Module, a Q&A Session, or a lecture from a Guest Speaker

Expert Sessions

Every week you can choose to join our Expert Sessions on Marketing, Content Writing, and Systems to ask any questions you have

Working Together Lab

Every week you can to join those Sessions to get work done and hold themselves accountable to work on their 90 Days Goal Plan

Mastermind Session

Once a month, you are invited to a Mastermind Session with the other Members of the Scale Your Business Program to brainstorm with you and help you solve your issues in your Business

Born To Do Business Academy

You have access to our Online Academy with over 70 recorded Training Modules and Tutorials, along with worksheets and templates, to learn new content and implement at your own pace

Your Accountability Buddy

You can choose someone in the Program to be your Accountability Buddy to hold you accountable and to help you stay focused on your priorities

Strategic Planning Day

Every 3 months, you participate in our Quarterly Strategic Planning Day to plan your Priority Projects and get clarity on your Revenue Goal with your Financial Projections

Born To Do Retreat

In the beginning of every year, we spend two days together to realign with your soul’s purpose, work on your Mindset, and be inspired to become a Leader in your life and in your business

Closed Facebook Group

To connect with the other Members of the Program to share your wins or get answers on your business questions from the other Members and the team of  Experts

Here is what other entrepreneurs are saying:
Onnie Schiffmiller
Owner and Founder of Israel with Love
«I decided to work with Nathalie because I realized that I could not do it all by myself, and that if I wanted my business to grow, I had to take a step back to have a sense of what I was doing well and what I was not doing well, and figuring out how I could get the help that I needed in the parts that I was not so good at.
Since working with Nathalie, I started to look at my business differently and I started to look at myself as a business owner and not only as a tour guide. Working with Nathalie has helped me put in place a strategy and a plan. I would recommend to anyone to work with her on your business»
Michelle Freedman
CEO of the Michelle Learning Center
«Before working with Nathalie, I paid a lot of money on courses and on ads and nothing worked. Since working with Nathalie, I was able to align my 2 passions into one business and now I am proud to introduce myself as the CEO of my business, and it is such a great feeling to be able to say this.
Joining Nathalie’s program gave me clarity on what was my niche and how I could make more money out of my business. I changed my mindset, I hired an assistant and I started getting more and more requests from potential clients. As a result, I got 17 new clients in 4 months and I doubled my revenue from the previous year.
Working with Nathalie has been the most important decision that I have made in my business in the last 20 years. I would not be where I am today if it was not for working with Nathalie

Marlene Goodman Zusman
Founder of Marlene Zusman Interior Design
«Before joining Nathalie’s Program I was already an interior designer, but it was more of a hoby. Joining the Program taught me about all the different facets of running a business. It helped me turn my hobby into a real business and to become the business owner that I am today.
Nathalie’s support gave me the confidence to step outside of my comfort zone and to really believe in what I was bringing to the table as an Intuitive Interior Designer. Every one-on-one session we had with Nathalie gave me clarity and set me in the right direction and it gave me exactly what I needed, even when I was not sure of what I needed.
Joining this Program has been the most profound life changing decision that I made for my business
Hannah-Valeria Grishko
Psychotherapist and Sandplay Therapist
«I am a therapist, so before joining the Program the business part of my activity did not come naturally to me. 
Since joining the program, I definitely have gained more self confidence and I have a better understanding of what is the mindset and the marketing strategies that I can use to grow my practice in an authentic way.
Since working with Nathalie, I have learned how to make myself visible, and how to show my unique brilliance in order to attract the people that I can help the most.
What I loved about the program is that there is a diversity of resources available such as group calls, one on one sessions and online training modules etc…
I really enjoyed working with Nathalie and am very grateful for everything I learnt from her and the Program

Hanna & Ben Baer
CEO & Founders of Neuro-Fun While Child Therapy
«Before starting the Program, we were losing all our energy in having to invent every wheel in our business from scratch. We knew that we had to invest in our business in order to save time.
We started working with Nathalie and what we enjoyed the most in her Program was the combination of the spiritual dimension and the practical tools. The BTDB Program gave us the space to focus on where we wanted to go. Natalie knew how to push us to make some decisions that we were uncomfortable making. And as a result, we went from 2 clients when we started the program, to being almost fully booked with 15 clients.
We appreciated that the program was practical in terms of execution and accessible in terms of mindset

Liat Behr
Brand Strategist, Copywriter, Blogger and Speaker
«Before working with Nathalie, my vision felt overwhelming and I had no idea how to translate it into a reality. Since working with Nathalie, I now believe in my project and I know the steps to take me through it.
When I started the BTDB Program, I did not realize that it was a real 360 degree access to everything you need in your business with the Mastermind, the training modules, the Q&A and the amazing group of entrepreneurs that are in the program.
What I loved the most were my one on one sessions with Nathalie where I always came out with a new mindset shift.
Working with Nathalie has been a complete game changer in my mindset and in the way that I work. I now understand the different aspects of a business and where I need to put my attention.
It was a great decision that I made to join the Program, I now know how to move forward with my business

If you want more information on the Grow Your Business Program, you can apply for a call with Nathalie here

If you have more questions on the Born To Do Business Programs, please contact us at and we will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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