Global Online Leadership Summit
Global Online Leadership Summit
for Jewish Women Entrepreneurs
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RD Rubin-Feuerstein
on  "The journey of building a business in Israel that spreads light across the world"
Who is RD Rubin-Feuerstein
Founder of The Shabbat Collection

RD Rubin-Feuerstein is the Founder of Jerusalem-based The Shabbat Collection™ offering an exclusive range of Shabbat sets containing all the components necessary for celebrating Shabbat away from home. Born and raised in London, RD spent over two decades living, studying and working in different cities across the world, predominantly in the Food & Beverage Industry.

During this period, RD specialised in setting up and running training departments and operations for coffee house and restaurant chains both in Asia and the UK as well as launching networking events for top entrepreneurs and investors across Europe during the dot com era.  In 2010 RD moved to Israel, settled down in Jerusalem with her husband and three children and in 2013 launched The Shabbat Collection™.

Seven years later, the business has a global customer base, works closely with Judaica stores, synagogues, schools, organisations and charities across the world and proudly enables Jews to connect to their roots and celebrate a tradition that has been practiced by the Jewish People for thousands of years.

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