Global Online Leadership Summit
Global Online
Leadership Summit

for Jewish Women Entrepreneurs
 How to Align your Business with the Life you Want
07:00 AM Pacific Time
10:00 AM Eastern Time
05:00 PM Israel Time          
November 29th - November 30th - December 1st
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11:00 AM Pacific Time
02:00 PM Eastern Time
09:00 PM Israel Time
A letter from me to you:

Hello my dear friend,

With the special times that we live in, came the unique opportunity to bring businesses online, and it seems like NOW is the best time to talk about Leadership in Business for Jewish Women Entrepreneurs around the world.

Since more businesses are going online, it has never been easier to align your business with the lifestyle that you dream of - whether it is to work more from home, or to be free to have the life that you want, or to reach even more clients on a global level, come and live in Israel.

That is the reason why I have invited amazing Women Leaders in Business who are based in Israel to this Global Online Leadership Summit to have a heart to heart conversation with me on how they took the big leap, how they shifted their mindset, how they turned their business into a success story in Israel, and how they overcame the many challenges along the way.

I am inviting you to join us in these deep and vulnerable conversations that will inspire you to connect with your true self, your identity and your desires, and that will empower you to expand your business vision and step into the great leader that you were born to be.

With much love,

Nathalie Garson

Join us in this Global Online Leadership Summit where you will be inspired by successful Women Leaders in Business in Israel.

Who are the Speakers?
Keynote Speaker
Fleur Hassan-Nahoum
Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem for Foreign Relations, Economic Development and Tourism at Municipality of Jerusalem
Keynote Speaker
Justine Zwerling
Head of Primary Markets Israel-London Stock Exchange & Founding Member UAE-Israel Business Council
Daphna Horowitz
The CEO coach - Global Leadership Expert & Speaker
Rifka Lebowitz
Financial Consultant,
Founder of Living Financially Smarter

+ Special Participation of Eitan Chitayat
for a Q&A Session on his and Dana Satterwhite's amazing movie

Eitan Chitayat
Founder, Natie Branding Agency &
Co-Creator of "She's that Woman"
Here’s what you will discover in this
Global Online Summit:


How to deal, as Jewish Women Entrepreneurs, with belonging to a double minority, on an individual level and on a collective level


How it is time to bring our Jewish Identity forward in the way we present ourselves, even in our professional circles


How to decide what we stand for in this context of the global polarisation of opinions

How it is important to belong to a sisterhood with other like-minded women entrepreneurs to receive the support and the help that you need on your journey
Why is right now the perfect time for you to step into your greatness

How to align your business with your Born To Do in order to be successful and have a greater impact in the world while doing what you love


How to create a new perspective around change in order to overcome our fear of the unknown


How to identify your limiting beliefs around money, shift your mindset and manage your finances in a smart way, in order to grow your business and be successful in Israel


How to overcome the challenges of taking your practice online as a therapist or as a health professional


How to align your big vision with your values and leverage your mindset to reprogram the way you think

A little more about me

I am Nathalie Garson, I am originally from France and I lived close to 10 years in the US before coming to Israel 16 years ago as a single mom of 2. When I first came to Israel, I chose a career in Corporate in Marketing and Business Development, until 8 years ago, when  after receiving my Executive MBA from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, I finally started my own business.

Today, I am a successful heart-centered Business Strategist and Mentor based in Jerusalem. I am the Leader of the Born To Do Business Community, and my passion is to empower purpose-driven entrepreneurs - especially women - to grow and scale their business, so that they can live a fulfilled life, be financially successful and have a beautiful impact in the world.

I am deeply moved by this opportunity to realise a lifelong dream of mine to bring together beautiful women entrepreneurs, leaders in their field, in this Leadership Summit, in order to share our strength and our vulnerabilities and to create ripple effects of good in the world.

I am looking forward to meeting you in this Global Online Leadership Summit and to share with you the expertise and the inspiring journey of the amazing Women Leaders in Business who will be speaking in this Summit, so that you can be inspired to be the leader that you were born to be.

How does it work?

When is it happening?

  • The Summit will last from November 29th until December 1st 
  • Every day will start with an Opening Session at 5 pm Israel Time (7am Pacific time / 10 am Eastern Time)
  • Every day there will be 4 interviews of Speakers of 30 minutes
  • Every day will end with a Closing Session at 9 pm Israel Time (11am Pacific time / 2 pm Eastern Time)

Where is it happening?

  • The Interviews of the Speakers will be streamed live in The Born To Do Business Community Facebook Group
  • You will be able to participate and ask questions in the comments of the Live
  • Only those who register to the Summit will have access to the information on the Speakers and to the recordings of the interviews

What to expect?

  • As soon as you will register, you will be invited to the Facebook Group
  • You will receive the Calendar of Speakers with the dates and times they will be speaking, as well as more information on each Speaker
  • At the end of the day, you will receive the recordings of the interviews by email
The registration is now closed
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