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Global Online Leadership Summit
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 Leah Gniwesch
on  “Why right now is the perfect time for you to step into your greatness.”
Who is  Leah Gniwesch
Director of the Jerusalem Coaching Institute

Dr Leah Gniwesch (pronounced “Nee-wish") is a renowned life coach and educator.

She is dedicated to helping everyone she works with to live into their fullest potential in order to bring good into the world.

Dr Gniwesch has coached hundreds of people from 6 continents. She is known for helping people who have been in psychotherapy for many years and are still not able to move forward.   Through a short series of coaching sessions she is able to help them achieve the healthy, joyful lives they didn’t even know they could dream of.

Dr Gniwesch founded the Jerusalem Coaching Institute where she has trained and certified life coaches since 2006. She gives her students powerful and holistic coaching tools, so they can help their clients live full and empowered lives.

Dr Gniwesch’s current projects include her research at Hadassah Hospital where she is  helping create and implement a coaching protocol designed to prevent heart disease in women.

Dr Gniwesch loves public speaking and facilitating workshops and is known for her clear and dynamic style that engages everyone present.

When she is not coaching, you can find Leah making music, leading prayers or scuba diving.

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