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Joanna Shebson
on  "Identifying opportunities is a mindset, not a culture"
Who is Joanna Shebson
Founder & FUN Expert at Fun In Jerusalem

Joanna Shebson, is the founder and FUN Expert at Fun in Jerusalem, the popular family tourism platform for the Capital city. Barnard educated with an MBA from Kellogg Business School, Joanna is a mother of three who made Aliyah with her husband in 2007 from Los Angeles. As an Olah with young kids, Joanna searched for fun and meaningful family activities. Identifying a gap in the market targeting English readers searching for information about family tourism, she began her "mommy blog" sharing her fun ideas to entertain & inspire her kids in their new home in Israel.  

What started out as a mommy blog has turned into a successful and dynamic tourism website, and Joanna still checks out the events, attractions and services so she can recommend those that she really believes her readers will enjoy. 

Joanna publishes a printed activity guide for hotels three times a year, has a large social media following and recently launched Party in Jerusalem, focused on helping families across the world find the right party venue for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah or wedding in Jerusalem. 

Fun In Jerusalem's readership and followers span the entire world & she feels honored to bring Jerusalem into their lives. Joanna particularly loves being able to help small tourism businesses reach large audiences and has played an integral part in the growth of interactive tourism in Jerusalem.   

In 2019 Joanna was named the “Senior Advisor to the Deputy Mayor on English Speaking Tourism”.

When it’s all said and done, Joanna still loves enjoying fun activities with her kids & continues to be inspired by them.

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