If you are a purpose-driven Entrepreneur, and you want to change the world while being successful in your Business, then the Born To Do Business is what you need!

The Born To Do Business Programs have been designed to help you Launch, Grow and Scale your Business so that you can become the Leader of your life and of your success, while having a greater impact on the world

If this is who you are


A passionate and purpose-driven entrepreneur

Ambitious, driven and you know exactly what you want
Eager to make money and be successful, but not as an end in itself
So talented that you don’t know what expertise to specialise in

Full of great ideas but not sure how to monetize them


Expert in your field and ready to share your gift with the world


Here to contribute, make a change, have an impact

Then the Born To Do Business Programs have been designed ESPECIALLY FOR YOU!

There is no doubt that you are an expert in your field,
but when it comes to business, you don’t necessarily have all the answers.
 And that’s ok, because you don’t have to do this alone!

What I offer

I created the Born To Do Business Programs to provide purpose-driven entrepreneurs the winning combination between Teaching, Consulting and Coaching to allow them to become leaders in their life and business

Teaching Business Content

Teaching is my first passion. I have this natural gift of being able to make complex concepts accessible, and turn them into a step by step method which is easy to implement, so that you will always learn, grow and improve the way you do business.

Strategic Consulting

I have been a consultant for most of my professional life. I know how to see what’s working and what’s not,  and give you my recommendations for the best Strategy to implement, so that your decisions will always be based on solide business expertise.

Mindset & Coaching

Alignment and Mindset are the first things that need to be checked before choosing a business direction or strategy. I am here to make sure at every step of the way that the decisions that you make are aligned with who you are and with where you want to go.

The Born To Do Business Framework

In order to ensure your success, the Born To Do Business Program relies on a Unique Framework  that will take you through a process where the 5 elements below are interconnected 

The Born To Do Business Programs

Depending on where you are on your Entrepreneur’s Journey, you can choose one of the 3 Tracks below:

Launch Your Business
You need a Strategic Business Plan
  • Born To Do & Unique Brilliance
  • Surveys & Market Research
  • Ideal Client & Niche
  • Founding Members 
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Competitive Analysis + Looking up the ladder
  • Business Model & Pricing
  • Pitch & Narrative

Grow Your Business
You need Marketing to attract more Clients
  • Irresistible Offer
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Initial Branding & Website
  • Strategic Partners 
  • Networking
  • Newsletter
  • Social Media
  • Campaign Calendar 
  • Lead Generation Funnels
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Feedback & Testimonials 
  • Closing of the Sales 
  • Financial Projections
  • Hiring your first VA

Scale Your Business
You need Systems & Teams to leverage your Business
  • CEO Mindset
  • High Performance Habits
  • Project Management
  • Systems & Processes
  • Hiring your Team
  • Managing your team
  • Packaging your Offer
  • Online Challenge
  • Online Summit
  • Online Course
  • Building a community
  • Retreats & Events
  • Interviews 
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • New Revenue Streams 
  • Metrics & KPIs
  • Operation Manuals

What do you get in the Born To Do Business Programs?
Business Audit

As soon as you enrol in your Program, you will fill out a Business Audit Questionnaire so that we can evaluate together where you are today, what’s working in your business and where you need to focus in priority to take your business to the next level

Kick Off Strategy Session

Your first Kick Off Strategy Session will be spent reviewing your Business Audit and creating a 3 months strategic plan for our work together in the Program and for the projects that you will need to focus on in priority in your 90 Day Goal Plan

Strategy Sessions

You will get individual Strategy Sessions where we will dive deep into your business to help you make the right strategic decisions, have the right mindset and always be in alignment

The Born To Do Business Academy

You will have access to your Online Academy with over 50 recorded Training Modules and Guest Lectures on different business topics that will help you perform better in your business and stay up to date

Implementation Support

Throughout your Program, you will have access to Implementation Support to help you overcome any technical challenge you might encounter while implementing the tools,  setting up automation and systems in your Business

Your Personal Folder

You will have access to the recordings of your sessions, as well as all the documents that we will share with you in your Personal Folder, to make it easy for you to review your sessions and to do your Homework

Weekly Master Program

You will be invited every week to a Master Program call with the other Program Members for a Training Module, a Q&A Session, or a lecture from a Guest Speaker to get answers  to your questions and to constantly grow and learn

Monthly Mastermind Session

Once a month you will participate in a Mastermind Session where you will share the Hot Seat with other Program Members who will act as your Board of Directors to advise you, give you feedback and share their best practices

Quarterly Strategic Planning Day

Every 3 months, you will be invited to participate in a full day seminar to map out your next 90 Days Goal Plan & work on your Financial Projections to know what to work on in priority in the next Quarter


You will be able to choose your Accountability Buddy to help you stay focused on your priorities, implement your ideas  and successfully reach your goals in your Business

Closed Facebook Group

You will be able to connect with an amazing Community of like-minded entrepreneurs, get answers and feedback to your questions in the Closed Facebook Group, which is exclusively accessible to Program Members

Born To Do Retreat

Every year, we  get together for a three days Born To Do Retreat to be inspired, realign with our soul’s purpose, work on our Mindset, and step into our greatness to be the leader of our business and our lives

You are not ready to enroll in a Program?

If You just need to get clarity and to build a strategy to solve your most burning issue or to know what directions to choose, you can schedule a VIP Session with me, which includes: 

A Business Audit
Business Audit Questionnaire to fill out so that we know where you are right now, where you want to go and what are your goals for the VIP Session
An Individual Session
90 min of undivided individual attention for you and your business, to work on your strategy and to help you reach your goals
A Follow Up Call
One week after your VIP session, we schedule a Follow Up Call to see how you have been since your VIP Session and to see if you have any more questions
Here is what other entrepreneurs are saying:
“When I first met Nathalie I was running 2 businesses – I was an english teacher and a life coach. I felt like I was on a treadmill all the time – I was moving but not going anywhere. I had already spent a lot of money on other programs to put my name out there and nothing was working for me.
When I decided to join Nathalie’s program, I realised from our first meeting that I was on the right track.
I had now somebody who was holding me accountable, who was pushing me out of my comfort zone and who would make me think differently by changing my mindset.
As a result of working with Nathalie, I have now a Learning Center which combines my two passions and my business is growing organically. It has been an incredible journey for me and today I am really pleased of where I am! Joining Nathalie’s program was the best decision I ever made.
CEO of Michelle Learning Center
“Nathalie is an impressive Business coach. She combines great profession skills with a clear vision on how to help you take your business to the next level. She quickly understood my business needs and my mindset as a business owner.
She gently encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and make strategic decisions, adopt new processes, delegate as much possible, hire the right people and improve my marketing offer.
She reads between the lines and brings her experience and expertise in many fields. Discussing my business issues with Nathalie is a truly satisfying professional experience. Thank you Nathalie :) 
CEO of Live English
“Nathalie helped me switch from being a teacher in a classroom to being an online entrepreneur working with mothers. It was a huge relief for me to meet someone like Nathalie, who helped me understand how my creativity could be channeled with the mothers I was working with and who helped me not feel overwhelmed all the time.
Thanks to Nathalie’s Program I was able to convert the mothers that were in my free Facebook group into paying clients in a Program for mothers and for that I am really grateful!
CEO of IMA Inspiration for Mothers
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Breakthrough Call

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If you have more questions on the Born To Do Business Programs, please contact us at contact@nathaliegarson.com and we will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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