Closing The Sales
Implementation Lab 
A letter from me to you:

Dear Entrepreneur,

Since Corona stated we went through a rollercoaster of emotions and different ways to support you in those special times:

  • We first started with the 21 Days Challenge to Reinvent Ourselves and our Business to change our perspective on this new reality
  • Then, we went on to implement the Irresistible Offer Implementation Lab to adapt our offering to match the new needs of our clients
  • And recently, we went through the Morning Routine Challenge to give us the tools to implement the right routines and habits to face this crisis the best way possible

But now that we see that this “new” reality is here to stay, we understand that we better get used to this and prepare ourselves and our business for a longer Marathon.

As Entrepreneurs, we now need to be Leaders and to focus on our growth engine by increasing our sales, making more money and continuing to increase our impact.

That’s why I am offering you to join this Closing the Sales Implementation Lab, so that you can shift your Money Mindset, attract the right Abundance and implement an amazing Sales Process in your business.

With all my love & blessings,

Nathalie Garson
This Implementation Lab is a concrete boost that you will receive in your business to learn how to attract the right clients and sell with an abundance mindset.
Who is this for?

This Implementation Lab is for YOU if you are a purpose-driven entrepreneur and you want to:

  • Share your gifts, grow your business and your impact
  • Look forward to your next Sales Conversation
  • Sell with authenticity and integrity
  • Increase your number of Sales Calls
  • Increase your Conversion Rate to turn leads into paying clients
  • Strengthen your growth engine by implementing a Sales Process
  • Increase your Revenue in the upcoming months
What is included in this Implementation Lab?
  • Training Modules - where you will learn concrete strategies, processes and tools on how to create the Closing of the Sales process that will allow you to grow your business with authenticity and integrity (see the list of Modules below)
  • Worksheets, Templates & Scripts - that you will need to complete in between each Training Module in order to implement immediately everything that you will learn directly into your business
  • Accountability Check In - where you will be able to share your work and get the feedback that you need to finalise your Closing of the Sales process
  • Weekly Zoom Meet-up - where you will be able to exchange with the other members of the Lab, share your wins in Sales and win prizes for competitions
  • Closed Facebook Group - where you will be able to connect with the other Lab participants, have access to the recordings of the Training Modules and the Worksheets.
When is it happening?
  • The Implementation Lab is starting the week of November 15th 2020, and it will last until December 23rd 2020
  • Once you join the Lab, you will be invited to join the Opening Ceremony to start this Lab together
  • Every week, you will be invited to a Weekly Training Module,  Accountability Check In and Zoom MeetUp
  • At the end of the Lab you will be invited to a Graduation Party to celebrate your completion of the Lab

Throughout this Implementation Lab you will go through the below Weekly Training Modules and will have access to Worksheets to practice the exercises for each Module as follows:
Training Module #1 - Your Unique Brilliance & Your Mission

Training Module #2  - Your Ideal Client & Your Irresistible Offer

Training Module #3 - Your Sales & Money Mindset & The Law of Attraction

Training Module #4 - Preparing before the Sales Call
Training Module #5 - Scheduling your Sales Call

Training Module #6 - What happens during the Sales Call & Making your Offer

Training Module #7 - Treating Objections on the Call

Training Module #8 - Sales Call Follow up

Implementing the Closing of the Sales Process in your business will allow you to:

Increase your self-worth and getting rid of your impostor syndrome
Know exactly your WHY, WHAT you are offering and to WHOM
Know how to optimise the way you schedule your Sales Calls
Know how to prepare for your Sales Call and make your prospects self qualify themselves
Know what to do during the Sales Call and how to treat objections
Increase the number of Sales Calls you have
Increase your Conversion Rates and turn your prospects into paying clients
Increase your number of clients and ultimately increase your revenue
How Nathalie helped other Entrepreneurs:

If this is resonating with you, and if you are committed to creating your Closing the Sales Formula and increasing your Sales, then the Closing of the Sales Implementation Lab is for YOU!

The price of this Implementation Lab is 

  • Option pay in full with a 10% discount – $269 + VAT
  • Option pay per month $149 + VAT for 2 months

Fill out the form below to register to the Closing of the Sales Implementation Lab and proceed to payment by clicking on the PayPal button below.


Once you click on the Click Here button, you will be redirected to PayPal to proceed to the payment and the price will automatically include the VAT if you are an Israeli Citizen.

Can't wait to go on this journey with you!


Below are the most frequently asked questions on the Closing the Sales Implementation Lab:

👉 When do I need to pay? 

The payment needs to be done before the Lab starts. You can choose to pay in full or in 2 monthly installments.
If you choose the option to pay in 2 monthly installments, you will have to pay the first installment at the registration, and the second installment on December 1st 2020.

👉 When does it start?

The Closing of the Sales Implementation Lab is starting on November 15th 2020 at 6 pm (GMT+3).

👉 Until when does it last?

The Closing of the Sales Implementation Lab is ending on December 23rd 2020.

👉 What is the schedule of the Sessions during the Lab?

We will meet every week as follows:

  • On Sundays at 6 pm for the Training Module Facebook Live
  • On Tuesdays at 6 pm for the Accountability Check In in the Facebook Group
  • On Thursdays at 6 pm for the Zoom Meet Up
 👉 Can I join in the middle? 
If you believe that you cannot start on November 1st, please write to us at and we will consider the option of you joining later on a case by case basis.
 👉 Do I need to already have paying clients in my business?
No, this is not a must. You will be able to learn how to get your first clients in the Lab.
 👉 How can I communicate with the other participants?
As soon as you register, you will be invited to a Closed Facebook Group and there you will be able to connect with the other participants.
👉 What happens if I can’t make it to one of the Sessions?
All the sessions will be recorded and you will have access to the recordings in the Units Section of the Closed Facebook Group.
👉 Where is all the content available?
You will have access to the recordings of the Training Modules and to the Worksheets in the Units section of the Closed Facebook Group.
👉 What if I want to stop in the middle?

The Cancellation policy will be available for the first 2 weeks of the program. So if you wish to stop you will be reimbursed 100% of what you paid as long as you cancel your registration before 2 weeks.

If you still have questions on the Implementation Lab, please feel free to write to us at

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