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Congratulations for taking the
Scale Your Business Quiz!

I know that you invested time and efforts in this Quiz and for that I already want to congratulate you because it means that you are ready to do what it takes to take your business to the Next level.

Now you are probably wondering what are your results?

Well, according to your answers you are in the Scaling stage of Your Business

This means that you are probably successful in your business, have a service or a product that sells but it also means that you are probably overwhelmed, that you don’t have time and that you feel like you are running like a chicken without a head all the time.

This stage is super exciting! You get to enjoy the fruits of your hard labor and be recognised as the expert in your field that you always knew you were. You probably have nice revenue but you are not sure how much of it you are actually taking home and enjoying – first, because you don’t always know what your profit margin is but also because you don’t have the time to enjoy it!

You probably still enjoy what you are doing but there are so many other things you have to learn on the business side to make sure that it is staying on track that you are probably exhausted and feeling very lonely.

That’s why the 3 areas that I suggest you focus on at this stage are:

1. Your Leaders’ Mindset – The first thing that you want to work on is your leadership capabilities and mindset. You want to start thinking and acting like the leader that you are, having a long term vision and being ready for the ups and downs of the business

2. Systems – Next, you want to put systems on the top of your priority list. Systems is what makes the difference between a solopreneur business and a “real” company

3. Team – Last but not least, you want to start or continue building your team. The people you hire - with the right systems- will be the guaranty that you will be able to continue be successful at doing what you are unique brilliant at

If you focus in priority on those 3 aspects, you will be able to continue to grow your business with leveraged revenue and a bigger impact and you will be able to become the true leader that you already are inside! 

Nathalie Garson
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