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Are you overwhelmed with everything you have to do in your Business?


Are you wondering how to create systems and automations to stop the overwhelm?


Do you feel that there are not enough hours in the day and not enough of you to go around?


Do you need to hire your team so that you can focus on your unique brilliance, but you don’t know where to start from?


Are you successful with your clients, but you might have to turn away clients if you don’t scale your offer?


Do you already have clients but don’t know how to have more clients without burning out or not being aligned?

If this is how you feel, then you will love the Scale Your Business Lab!

I just wanted to come here and talk to you about scaling your business.

People think that once you have a business the goal is to have more and more clients.
And so they focus on growing activities like marketing and sales and funnels and ads which is great.

But they forget that in order to create exponential growth and profit you need 2 things to happen, you need to create systems and you need to hire your team.

Maybe this is you?

Today I help small business owners grow and scale their business, but before that I was a strategy consultant for big companies and organisations.

And when I started helping small business owners 6 years ago, I realised that the same business rules that applied to big companies can apply to small business owners, you just have to shift your mindset and learn how to do it.

It is not as intuitive as marketing that you want to do anyway because you want to share your gifts.

You have to learn how to create systems and how to hire your team, it doesn’t come naturally.

That’s why I putting together these 5 days of Scale Your Business Lab where I will share with you my expertise on scaling your mindset, scaling your offer, scaling your marketing, scaling your systems and scaling your team.

So if this is where you are at in your business, join me for these 5 days lab, it’s going to be a lot of fun!

Nathalie Garson
When is the Scale Your Business Lab?

You are probably very busy and we understand that, that’s why the Scale Your Business Lab will only be ONE hour of Live Session during 5 days, so you will get A LOT of value without compromising your schedule

November 14th - November 18th, 2021
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06:00 PM Israel Time
05:00 PM CET
12: 00 PM ET
09:00 AM PT
What Will You Learn? 
November 14th, 2021

Day #1

Scale Your Mindset
November 15th, 2021

Day #2

Scale Your Offer
November 16th, 2021

Day #3

Scale Your Marketing
November 17th, 2021

Day #4

Scale Your Systems
November 18th, 2021

Day #5

Scale Your Team

I can't wait to spend a whole week with you and show you how to scale every aspect of your business

How does it work?

When & Where is it happening?

  • It is happening from Sunday, November 14th , until Thursday November 18th
  • The Live Sessions are happening in our Facebook Group at 6pm Israel Time  [5pm CET, 12pm ET, 9am PT]
  • Each Live Session will last 60 minutes

What is happening during this Lab?

  • Each day you will receive your Scale Your Business Workbook to take notes and do the exercises during the Live Session
  • You will be able to ask questions during the Live Session
  • You will get accountability and feedback in the Accountability Check In post

What happens once you register?

  • Once you fill out the form below, you will receive an email with all the details on how to participate
  • You will receive Scale Your Business Workbook.
  • If you cannot attend the Live Sessions, you will receive the Recordings by email every day after the Live
A little more about me

I am Nathalie Garson and I am the CEO and Founder of the Born To Do Business Programs, Host of The Jewish Woman Entrepreneur Podcast and Leader of the Born To Do Business Global Community.

I started my business close to 10 years ago, and since then I have empowered 100s of entrepreneurs – mainly Purpose-Driven Jewish Women – to Launch, Grow and Scale their business by combining my business expertise, my strategic skills, and my ability to keep entrepreneurs aligned with their soul purpose, so that they can be  financially successful, feel fulfilled and have a greater impact on the world. 

This Scale Your Business Lab is 100% Free and will give you access to some of the content that I teach in my paid Programs 

Here is what other entrepreneurs say:
“Over my 30 years in the field, I have learned from big names in the industry and I have to say that the Live Training that I did with Nathalie was really one of the best that I have ever taken! Nathalie's Trainings are packed with very valuable teachings, she doesn't withhold any information and she keeps you on your toes the whole time with new things to learn. I came out of this session with clear and concrete tools that I can use in my business and I now know how to apply them.”
Tzipora Elias
Founder, Pen and Chip Consulting

“Even though this is not my first Training, I felt such a shift in my feelings. Thank you so much Nathalie for bringing everything into perspective for me. I dug deeper than EVER before on what my thoughts and feelings are. All of the mindsets are critically important. I downloaded the workbook and listened again to the recording, and wow! it all really hit home. THANK YOU!”
Robin Rotfleisch
Polymer clay artist, Owner and CEO of

“Hi Nathalie! I just wanted to say thank you again for the Live Training. Prior to the training I was really in a business slump - unmotivated, unclear, and lacking direction - now it is totally the opposite. I feel like I know what I need to do to start seeing more sales, and I cannot wait. Thank you again!”
Rachel Adler-Oren
Certified Facilitator of Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY)

“I wanted to thank you so much for this incredible Live Training. It was a real eye-opener. There are so many other crucial aspects of the process I have never considered. Has been a real game changer! Nathalie was so dynamic and engaging the whole way through the training.”
Yal Bernstein Kossowsky
High School Search Consultant

“I realize that there are many gaps that I need to close (no pressure). I'm just glad that there are steps to follow so that I have direction. I'm done with the homework and am looking forward to this evening's Live Training.”
Annette Mashi
Co-Owner of Write Wizards

"This Live Training might have just been one of the best uses of my time ! It was absolutely invigorating. I learned so much and came out with a real clear roadmap of where my business is headed and how to get there."
Miriam Koval
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Here is how to register

If you are ready to Scale Your Business, then register to the Scale Your Business Lab by filling your information in the form below:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions on the Scale Your Business Lab, see below the answers to the most common questions people ask

👉 How long is each Live Session?
Each Live Session will last 60 minutes.
👉 How much time will it take to complete the Homework in between the Live Sessions? 

It will take between 15 to 30 min to complete your Homework

👉 If I won't be able to attend one of the Lives at 6pm, would the recordings be available?

Yes, we will send you the recordings by email.

👉 What if I don't have Facebook or I don't want to join the Facebook Group to watch the Live Sessions?

You can still register and you will receive the links to the recordings of the Live Sessions by email.

If you still have a question or want to be in touch, we would love to hear from you, feel free to write to us at

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