Strategic Planning Day for Q3 2021
Strategic Planning Day
for Q3 2021
Join us for 2 days of intensive training to learn how to attract more clients, increase your revenue and create the systems & teams that you need to reach your financial and personal goals for 2021
09:00 AM Eastern Time
03:00 PM Central European Time
06:00 AM Pacific Time
04:00 PM Israel Time          

July 11th & July 12th
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01:00 PM Eastern Time
07:00 PM Central Europe Time
10:00 AM Pacific Time
08:00 PM Israel Time

My personal invitation
Hello my Friend,

We are already half way through the year 2021 and we have another 6 months to reach our goals for this year!

I don't know about you, but I love Q3!
This Quarter is always happening around the Summer time and the beginning of the school year, and everyone is on a different rhythm.

It can be a great opportunity for you to think of creative ideas to offer your market exactly what they need.

In any case, stopping every 3 months to take a strong and hard look inside your business, at your numbers, and at your priority projects is something that every entrepreneur should do at least every 3 months and I am happy that you are joining us for those 2 days of Strategic Planning.

I can't wait to spend this quality time with you!

Nathalie Garson
What will you get during these 2 days of the SPD?
You will stop the overwhelm and have a clear plan that will organise your projects according to your priorities with your 90 Day Goal Plan
You will feel in control, be reassured to know your business in numbers with our Financial Dashboard
You will feel more organised and know what to focus on in your Marketing with our Campaign Calendar
You will know how to attract more clients and have consistent revenue with our New Launch Blueprint
You will know exactly what role to hire and what tasks to give them with our Business Team Mapping
You will know how to automate every area of your business with our Systems and Tool Box
What is the goal of each of the 2 days of the SPD Q3 ?
Day # 1 – July 11th, 2021

Growing your Business 

The goal of Day#1 of SPD Q3 is to give you the strategies and resources to know how to attract more clients and to increase your revenue in Q3
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Going over your business numbers and metrics for the upcoming quarter

Creating a Campaign Calendar to attract your ideal clients

Optimising your Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing Funnels

Making your revenues more consistent with the New Launch Blueprint
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Who is it for?

Day#1 is for you if you want to attract more clients and consistently increase your revenue to grow your business
Day #2 – July 12th, 2021

Scaling your Business 

The goal of Day#2 of SPD Q3 is to give you the strategies and resources to know which systems to implement and which team members to hire in order to scale your business in Q3
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Creating your 90 Day Goal Plan

Mapping out your business to identify who to hire

Identifying which Systems and Automations to work on in priority

What Exponential Growth Activity to focus on
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Who is it for?

Day#2 is for you if you want to learn how to create the Systems and the teams that will enable you to scale your business in order to make more money and work less

Join us for two days of SPD Virtual Experience

The two days of the SPD Q3 will happen online, so that entrepreneurs from all around the world can join us.
We are committed to offer you a unique Virtual Experience and to create a sacred space full of warmth and love for you to interact and engage with the other participants, just as if we were in the same room

How does it work

When is it happening?

  • Your SPD Q3 Experience will start as soon as you register by filling out the form below
  • SPD Q3 is happening on Sunday, July 11th & Monday July 12th
  • Every day, we will be together from 4pm until 8pm Israel time [9am-1pm ET, 6am-10am PT, 3pm-7pm CET]

Where is it happening?

  • SPD Q3 is happening on Zoom for the main Training Sessions and in the Breakout rooms to work in small groups
  • You will participate in a truly Global Experience from the comfort of your home
  • You will connect with like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world 

What to expect?

  • As soon as you register, you will receive your SPD Workbook
  • And you will be able to start preparing for the 2 days Training
Here is what other SPD Participants are saying
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Leah Gniwesh
Director of the Jerusalem Coaching Institute
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Stephanie Kable
Founder & CEO of Live English
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Sara Halevi
CEO of FibroConsulting
A little more about me

I am Nathalie Garson and I am a successful heart-centered Business Strategist and Mentor based in Jerusalem, CEO of the Born To Do Business and Leader of the Born To Do Business Global Community on Facebook.

My passion is to empower purpose-driven entrepreneurs – especially women – to live a fulfilled life, be financially successful and have a greater impact in the world by teaching them how to GROW and SCALE their Born To Do Business.

I am thrilled to invite you to this Strategic Planning Day for Q3 where you will get
the Mindset Shifts, the Strategies, and the Resources that you need to have an exceptionally successful Quarter.

After having worked with 100s of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, I know exactly what is stopping you from reaching your goals and I also know exactly what strategies and tools you can use to take your life, your dream and your business to the next level.

This Strategic Planning Day is the best investment that you can make to put all the chances on your side to have a most successful Quarter! 

Here is how to register
You have the choice between 2 options to register for the Strategic Planning Day for Q3:
  • Option 1 - Register only for Day #1 for $97
  • Option 2 - Register for Days #1 & #2 for $149

Once you have chosen your Option, you can fill in the form below and make your payment by clicking on the PayPal button below.

As soon as your payment is made, you will receive confirmation of your registration by email along with your Workbook to start preparing for the 2 days of SPD Q3

These prices are without VAT. Once you click on the "Click here to pay" button, the VAT will be automatically added to this price if you are from Israel.

If you are an existing or a past Member of the BTD Business Programs, please contact us at to get your coupons for the discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions on the Strategic Planning Day (SPD), please check if the answer is below, if not feel free to write to us at

 👉 What is the schedule of the Strategic Planning Day?
  • The SPD for Q3 is happening on Sunday, July 11th and Monday, July 12th
  • Every day from 4pm until 8pm Israel time [9am-1pm ET, 6am-10am PT, 3pm-7pm CET]
  • There will be breaks of 15 min every 90 min
👉 How do I know which days to choose - Day#1 or Day#1 & Day#2?

Depending on the stage of your Business, you can participate to the:

  • Day#1 if you want to focus on your marketing, attract more clients and increase your revenue
  • Day#1 & Day#2 if you also want the above AND to focus on hiring your team, creating systems and leveraging your offers
👉 How do I know if I am eligible to get a Discount Coupon?

You are eligible to get a Discount Coupon if you are:

  • An Existing Member of the BTD Business Programs 
  • A Past Member of the BTD Business Programs 

You can contact us at to receive your coupon.

You are NOT eligible to get a Discount Coupon if you are:

  • A past VIP Session client 
  • A Member of the BTD Business Global Community
👉 I am entering my Coupon Code but the price is not changing in the form? 

Make sure to copy the Coupon Code EXACTLY as it was sent to you, to remove the quotation marks and to remove any extra space before and after the code.

👉 If I pay now, but can’t come later, what are the cancellation policy?
Since the number of seats is limited, we strongly suggest that you pay now to reserve your seat. If an unexpected event occurs, you will be able to cancel and to be reimbursed up to one week before the event. After this date, there will be no reimbursement.

We are looking forward to seeing you on July 11th & 12th for the Strategic Planning Day for Q3 2021!

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