Strategic Planning Day for Q1 2023
Strategic Planning Day
for Q1 2023
Join me for a one day retreat of strategic planning and transformation to craft your Success Plan for the first Quarter of the year to have an amazing start of 2023!
01:00 PM Israel Time
06:00 AM Eastern Time

12:00 PM Central European Time
Sunday, January 22nd
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06:00 PM Israel Time
11:00 AM Eastern Time
05:00 PM Central Europe Time
My personal invitation

Hello my Friend,

Are you ready for 2023?

=> Do you know what you are going to do in your Business in 2023?

=> Do you know what projects you really need to focus on in priority?

=> Do you know how to reach your money goal for the upcoming year?

If you don’t know, then the beginning of the year is a great opportunity to sit down and take the time to answer all these questions, so you are sure to prepare yourself for a successful year!

If you want to create a strategic plan for the year, and you want to take control of what you CAN control, you know that it will not happen if you don’t set aside time to plan strategically for the upcoming year!

That’s why I am inviting you to this one day online retreat - the Strategic Planning Day for Q1 2023!

I have been helping entrepreneurs plan strategically inside their business, work on their financial projections, and manage their priority projects every 3 months for the past 5 years.

Today, after having helped 100s of Entrepreneurs, I have a proven method that will take you through all the steps that you need in order to build your Success Plan for 2023

So, if you want to make 2023 great and not just good, join me on January 22nd for this one day retreat online, where you will get all the tools, the resources, the templates that you need to really build your Success Plan for 2023!

I can't wait to spend this quality time with you!

Nathalie Garson
What will you get at the end of this the Strategic Planning Day?
You will create a STRATEGIC PLAN for your 2023 Goals so that you make this year a SUCCESS no matter what obstacles or resistance you may meet
You will have visibility on your FINANCES and your Financial Projections to that you will know how to reach your MONEY GOAL for 2023
You will have a ROAD MAP - your 90 Days Goal Plan - with the Marketing Activities and the Priority Projects that you will need to focus on this year in order to reach your GOALS

You will create the optimal MINDSET to remove any resistance and be in the best possible frequency to execute this PLAN
You will have the ACCOUNTABILITY of a Next Level Peer Group to make sure that you execute this plan and get the results that you want.
How does it work

When is it happening?

  • Your SPD Q1 2023 is happening on January 22nd
  • It will start at 1pm Israel Time [6.00am ET, 12.00pm CET, 3.00am PT]
  • It will end at 6pm Israel Time [11.00am ET, 5.00pm CET, 8.00am PT]

Where is it happening?

  • The main Training Session of the SPD Q1 2023 is happening on Zoom
  • And in order to work in smaller groups, you will be put in Breakout rooms
  • You will participate in a truly Global Experience from the comfort of your home and you still connect with like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world

What to expect?

  • As soon as you register, you will be invited to join our Closed Facebook Group
  • In the FB Group, we will start preparing you with Pre-SPD activities, lives and finding your Accountability Buddy
  • Closer to the date, you will receive your SPD Workbook and you will be able to start preparing for the D-Day

After having worked with 100s of purpose-driven entrepreneurs, I know exactly what strategies and tools you can use to take your life, your dream and your business to the next level.

This Strategic Planning Day is the best investment that you can make to put all the chances on your side to have a most successful Quarter and Year!

Here is what other Participants are saying
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Director of the Jerusalem Coaching Institute
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Founder & CEO of Live English
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Sara Halevi
CEO of FibroConsulting
Here is how to register
If you want to put all the chances on your side to have a successful year in 2023, join us for our Strategic Planning Day Q1 2023.

If you are an existing Member or an Alumni of the Born To Do Business Program, you have access to a special discount, don’t forget to ask for your coupon at

As soon as your payment is made, you will receive confirmation of your registration by email along with your Workbook to start preparing for your SPD Experience!

These prices are without VAT. Once you click on the "Click here to pay" button, the VAT will be automatically added to this price if you are from Israel.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions on the Strategic Planning Day (SPD), please check if the answer is below, if not feel free to write to us at

 👉 What is the schedule of the Strategic Planning Day?
The SPD Q1 2023 is happening on Sunday, January 22nd from 1pm to 6pm Israel time [6.00am-11.00am ET, 12.00pm-5.00pm CET, 3.00am-8.00am PT]. There will be breaks of 15 min every 90 min
👉 Who is eligible for a Special Discount?

You are eligible for a Special Discount if you are a Born To Do Business Program Alumni or a Member of the JWE Global Network. Please contact us at to get the coupon

👉 I am entering my Coupon Code but the price is not changing in the form? 

Make sure to copy the Coupon Code EXACTLY as it is written, to remove the quotation marks and to remove any extra space before and after the code.

👉 If I pay now, but can’t come later, what are the cancellation policy?
Since the number of seats is limited, we strongly suggest that you pay now to reserve your seat. If an unexpected event occurs, you will be able to cancel and to be reimbursed up to one week before the event. After this date, there will be no reimbursement.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the Strategic Planning Day Q1 2023!

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