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Do you know that there are different stages in a small business life cycle – there is the launching stage, the growing stage and the scaling stage.

Each stage is very specific and the entrepreneurs that are successful are the ones that know what to focus on at each stage to always take their business to the next level.

So just knowing what stage you are in and what you need to focus on is very powerful

That’s why I have put together this SYB Quiz in order to give you the clarity that you need to find out which stage your business is on and if your business is ready to scale. This Quiz will make it easy for you to know what are the 3 areas of your business that you need to focus on depending on the stage that you are in.

This information is priceless! It can help you save so much time, be more efficient and get greater results in your business just by focussing on what is important for the stage you are in.

The only thing that you need to do is take 10 minutes and answer the 25 Questions that I have carefully prepared for you, and then you will receive an email with your results that will give you clarity on which stage you are in and will lay out the 3 specific areas that you should focus on in your business right now.

I can’t wait for you to take this Quiz and I will see you on the other side! 

Nathalie Garson
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