Do you feel that you are struggling to attract new clients? Do you want to find your unique voice and become a magnet to the clients that need exactly what you have to offer and be aligned with your passion?

Take the Business Health Check today and see how you can attract more clients, increase your impact while doing what you are Born To Do!

Fill in the form below to take your free Business Health Check to identify the main challenges of your business, and you will receive the relevant advice and recommendations based on your specific results, so you will know what to focus on to take your business to the next level.

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Below are the 4 steps to attract the right clients, increase your revenue & your impact, all the while doing what you are Born To Do:

Take the Business Health Check

Take the Business Health Check and answer questions that will cover all areas of your business and that will give you a picture of what is working and what is not working in your business.

Receive your Results
by Email

Receive the results of your Business Health Check and identify which business stage you’re in and know which areas of your business to focus your attention, time and energy on.

Schedule your Business
Performance Review Call

After taking the Business Health Check, you will be invited to a Business
Performance Review Call with Nathalie in order to know exactly what to do in your business to improve your results and performance right away.

Get a step by step plan
for your business

After the Business Performance Review Call with Nathalie, you will have a clear strategic plan to implement that will correspond exactly to the points that your Business Health Check will have pointed out.

Why take the Business Health Check?

Depending on which stage in Business you are in, there are
different Strategies and action steps that you need to take to attract more of your ideal clients and to increase your revenue.

That is why I have created the Business Health Check Questionnaire to help you identify which challenge your business is facing the MOST right now, and evaluate which stage your business is in!

The Business Health Check will provide you with the clarity that you need to know what should be your next step in order to reach your financial goals and to increase your impact.

If you want to know what Business Stage YOU are in, just click on the button below to take your Business Health Check and you will know!

How Can Nathalie Garson Help you?

Nathalie Garson is a Business Mentor, a Strategist and an
Inspirational Speaker. She is the creator of the Born To Do Business Method where she empowers Women Entrepreneurs to translate their life’s mission into a successful business, so they can share their unique gifts with the world and have a greater impact.

Nathalie’s Born To Do Business Programs has helped hundreds of
entrepreneurs acquire the mindset, skills and business expertise that they need so that they can grow and scale their business to reach financial success. Her unique ability is to enable women to be successful, all the while being aligned with who they are to ensure authentic fulfilment and greater contribution to themselves and to others.

Here is what other Entrepreneurs say
about working with Nathalie:

“What strikes me again and again is your complete transparency and authenticity. You are as real as can be. I love it. I’ve watched hundreds of Mentors like yours, but I must say that there’s something very special about you. You are real, every word you say comes from a real place, and I very much appreciate that. I also love the people you attract – they are as real as you are :)”

Libby Kiszner
Author Coach

“Before I started working with Nathalie, I was already a good professional and I was hesitating to go to a business coach because I thought that I could do it all by myself. But very soon I became overwhelmed and I realised that I did not really know how to run a business. Since I have started working with Nathalie, she helped me optimise and structure my business so that I can focus on growing the business. Today, I feel like I am actually a real business owner and that I got my life back. ”

Founder of the content company “All this content”

“When I first came to see Nathalie, I was totally overstretched and unable to concentrate on a specific area of my business, I needed more hours in a day, I worked too hard and I was not seeing the results.
Nathalie helped me narrow down my vision and align it with my business. Her business expertise helped me reach more clients, increase my impact and become the business owner I was afraid of becoming. She helped make my dream come true and overcome my fears. Having Nathalie with me made all the difference, I could not have done it without her.”

Ruth P.
Founder & Director of the Selective Mutism Center

Take your Business Health Check and identify what’s working and what’s not working in your business so you can take action today to bring your business to the next level
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You will be redirected to the Business Health Check Questionnaire to evaluate where you are standing in your business right now and what Business Stage you are in

The Business Health Check covers all the areas of your business – from your Ideal Client Niche, to your Offering, your Marketing, to your client delivery, your Financials, and it even includes your Business Owner mindset.

The Business Health Check is composed of 19 questions, with 3 options to choose from in each questions. If you are doing it from a quiet place where you can concentrate, it should not take you more that 8 minutes to complete it.

As soon as you are done completing the Questionnaire, you will receive your Results by email with our Initial Recommendations of what should be your next step in your Business

Once you receive the Result of your Business Health Check, and if you are qualified, you will be able to schedule a Business Performance Review Call with Nathalie

You will be qualified to schedule a Business Performance Review Call with Nathalie only if you are a purpose-driven entrepreneur, who is motivated by the level of contribution and impact that you can have in the world, and if you are ready to change your mindset and to work hard to achieve your goals.

The Business Performance Review Call lasts 60 minutes. You will go over every area covered in your Business Health Check and you will receive a step by step plan on how to improve the areas where you are stuck and how to take your business to the next level.

No the the Business Performance Review Call is a complimentary call and is completely FREE.