Success Story

Melissa Goldwag

CEO & Owner of Pack for Camp

Melissa is the CEO and owner of Pack for Camp, an online concept store since 2017. Pack for Camp revolutionized the way moms shop for their childrens’ summer camp and GAP year via her “one-stop shops”. Melissa knows how difficult and time consuming it can be to fill your packing list. She uses her life experience combined with modern technological innovations to make your shopping experience as quick, easy, and enjoyable as possible. Melissa lives in Modiin, Israel with her partner in business and in life, Gaby Fachler, and their 4 children.

Age: 46 years old
Lives in: Modiin, Israel
Married: yes
Children: 4 children

Melissa’s Book Recommendation: You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero
Melissa’s Born To Do: To connect with moms who are shopping for camp and GAP year

Melissa’s Fun Fact: I used to play ice hockey for the Columbia University Men’s Ice Hockey Team

What did you like best in the BTDB Program?

1-on-1 meetings with Nathalie. Interaction with other group members in group setting.

What was your biggest challenge when you started the Program?

  • Direct marketing to the end customer 
  • Moving from seasonal business to year-round
  • Operational set up in Israel was very manual and not scalable

What have you accomplished on a personal level with the BTDB Program?

Changing scarcity mindset to generous mindset, changing solopreneur mindset to CEO mindset.

What have you accomplished on a business level with the BTDB Program?

Doubling sales in one year, hiring workers. Making Pack for Israel into a real contending business, on the same level as Pack for Camp. Moving operations for PFI from the living room and home machsan into a logistics center.

What would you say if you had to recommend the program to someone?

It would be a great investment in yourself and your business, highly recommend it!

What is her best advice for other entrepreneurs?

Once you figure out what it is you are Born To Do, the sky is the limit. Go for it!


Industry: E-commerce

The vision of your business: I help moms shop for all their kid’s summer camp and GAP year needs under one roof

Number of years in business: 5 to 10 years
Number of your team members: 5 to 10
Number of clients: in the 1000s
Level of revenue: $500K – $1M

How long in the BTDB Program: more than one year