Launch Your Business Program

Born To Do & Mindset

Turning an idea into a project

How To Manage Your Time & Priorities

How To Plan The Work And Work The Plan

Law Of Attraction

How to align with your Born To Do AND be financially successful at the same time

The Importance of Self Care and Emotion Management in your Business 

  • How being an entrepreneur is a personal growth journey
  • How taking care of yourself is part of your job as a CEO
  • The different signs that you are not taking care of your personal and emotional well being
  • The different strategies to put in place to have healthy habits and perform better in your life and as a CEO


Here’s what we will talk about:

  • What is Alignment
  • What happens when you do things from Alignment
  • What happens when you do things from mis-alignment
  • How to know when you are in alignment
  • Masculine and feminine energies
  • Why is alignment scary
  • How to overcome our fears
  • How to surrender to Alignment
  • How to translate our alignment into a Strategic decision in our Business