Are You Ready
To Launch The Business
You Were Born To Do?

Do You Feel Like

  • You have precious gifts/talents/expertise that you want to share with the world?
  • It is time for you to create your Born To Do Business to have a greater impact in the world!
  • When you speak about your Business idea, everyone gets excited and wants to hear more about it!
  • You need more clarity in what services you want to offer and to whom.
  • This is your life’s project and that you will do what it takes to succeed in it.
  • You are so excited at the perspective to be successful while doing what you love, that it is all you can think about.

If this is how you feel,
then it is time for you to Launch Your Business™!

The Launch Your Business Program™ has been created for purpose-driven entrepreneurs like YOU who want to live their life on their own terms by fully realizing their purpose through their business.

This Program has been created so that you could leave the wrestling and frustration behind, and actually take action with the business expertise, the positive energy and the confidence that you need to launch your Born To Do Business.

The Launch Your Business Program™ has brought clarity to hundreds of entrepreneurs who decided to learn from a proven method and focus on a step by step system, instead of wasting precious time and money on trial and error.

By joining this Program you are joining a Community of like-minded entrepreneurs to receive the help, expertise, support, coaching, mentoring, implementation and accountability that you need to strategically grow your business, be financially successful and increase your impact.

In this 3 months Program, you will learn how to create your unique crystal clear offer based on your purpose and on your Born To Do and to attract all the clients that need exactly what you are offering.

Who is this Program for?

The Launch Your Business Program™ is for you if you are a purpose-driven entrepreneur who wants to:

  • Be independent and live life on your own terms
  • Be financially successful in doing what you love
  • Be strategic when you launch your business
  • Reposition the strategy of your existing business
  • Create a Business Plan for your business idea
  • Fully realize your purpose by monetizing your gifts
  • Get clarity on what services to offer and to whom
  • AND increase your impact

If this is YOU, then the Launch Your Business Program™ has been created just for you!

Who is Nathalie Garson?

Nathalie Garson is a Business Mentor, a Strategist, and an Inspirational Speaker. She is the founder of the Born To Do Business Movement where empowered Entrepreneurs translate their life’s mission into a successful business, so they can share their unique gifts with the world and have a greater impact.

Nathalie’s Born To Do Business Programs have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to acquire the mindset, the skills and the business expertise they need to grow and scale their business to reach financial success. Her unique ability is to enable business owners to be successful, all the while being aligned with who they are to ensure authentic fulfillment and greater contribution to themselves and to others.

Here is what you get:

With the Launch Your Business Program™ you will have access to:

  • Nathalie who is a Business Mentor who has already empowered 100s of Entrepreneurs, that will help you at every step of the way to get the expertise and the mindset that you need
  • Nathalie who is a Business Strategist with 15 years of experience who will help you make the right strategic choices for your business
  • Clarity on your Life’s Purpose and alignment with your Born To Do
  • Personal growth by working on your mindset, self-worth, and self-image
  • Spiritual connection to your Higher Self and to your Mission on earth
  • Accountability to reach your goals and take your business to the next level
  • An amazing Community of like-minded entrepreneurs so that you are never alone in your business anymore!

What are the Modules of this Program?

The Launch your Business Program is a 3-month program where you will have access to 6 Bi-Weekly Training Modules to translate your business idea into a purposeful and successful business.

Module 1

Find your Why, Discover your Born To Do

  • Discover your Born To Do and get clarity on your Life’s Purpose
  • Align your Business Idea with your Born To Do
  • Identify which beliefs are stopping you from launching your Dream Business and clear the path for your growth
Module 2

Your Unique Brilliance

  • Identify what is your Unique Brilliance and choose what you want to be known for
  • Focus on your Unique Brilliance and translate it into products and services
  • Define your HOW and your WHAT, and see how it is aligned with your WHY
Module 3

Your Ideal Client

  • Understand the 3 Circles of Influence
  • Identify who is your Ideal Client by sending surveys and questionnaires to your Circles of Influence
  • Design your Ideal Client Profile based on your Unique Brilliance and the results of the survey
Module 4

Your Competition & Your Niche

  • Define your Unique Value Proposition & find your niche based on your Ideal Client Profile.
Module 5

Your Irresistible Offer

  • Identify your Unique Value Proposition based on your Unique Brilliance and your Competition
  • Find your Irresistible Offer which is aligned with your Born To Do and which Clients will say YES to
  • Learn how to choose this ONE Irresistible Offer and focus on it
Module 6

Your Price & Your Business Model

  • Find your Ideal Price based on your cost and on your Market
  • Create your Optimal Business Model based on your clients’ Pain Points and on your profitability margin

How does it work?

Strategy Session

You will have access to an Individual Strategy Session with Nathalie to identify what is the best launching strategy for your business to be launched and how to move your business forward.

Live Training Modules

Every 2 weeks, you will attend Live Training Modules on each on the 6 modules of the Program to acquire the knowledge and expertise to launch the right business, and to fully step into your Business Owner mindset.

Q&A Sessions

Every 2 weeks, you will attend Live Q&A Sessions to ask specific questions on how each Module applies to your business and receive answers and solutions for each of the challenges or questions that you will meet throughout your journey.

Born To Do Business Workbook

You will receive a Workbook filled with worksheets, frameworks, and templates designed to help you apply each Module to your business and reach your business goals.

The Born To Do Retreat

You will be invited to the Born To Do Retreat to connect with your life’s purpose, work on your mindset, learn how to play a bigger game and become the leader of our business and our lives.

Accountability Buddy

You will be connected with your own Accountability Buddy in order to stay totally focused on your business and implement more each day.

Closed Facebook Group

You will have access to a Closed Facebook Group to exchange with other like-minded entrepreneurs, who are Members of the Born To Do Business Community.

Content Library

You will have access to your Member Center to view and listen to the recordings of past Training Modules, and to be able to implement each step at your own rhythm.


«Working with Nathalie has helped me get clarity in what I really love doing and how I can be successful doing it.»

Menachem, Owner and Founder of Yishi Inspirational Retreat

«I was able to give birth to who I am as a person, and define the added values that I wanted to offer to the world through my business.»

Shelley, Holistic Wellness Coach

«The work I did with Nathalie was coaching- and consulting-related. It helped me find ways to monetize and grow my business in a systematic way.»

Joanna, Founder of Fun In Jerusalem

«Nathalie has helped me identify the core of my business, which is very helpful at the stage of the concept definition and the go to market strategy.»

– RD, Founder of The Shabbat Collection

«The proccesses we’ve done with Nathalie were essential for me, and I can say it would be essential for anyone finding their talents.»

Ilana, Psychotherapist & Writer

Do You Have More Questions on this Program?

If you are interested in getting more information on the Launch Your Business Program™, fill the form below and we will be happy to schedule a Breakthrough Call with you to get to know you better and to see how this Program can be a good match for you.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Program

All the Sessions and Modules are given over Zoom, which is a video conference platform, which allows you to be in contact with people from all over the world from the comfort of your home.

The Sessions and Modules are given live, and the recordings are accessible in your Member Center so you can watch them again at your convenience.

Your Strategy Sessions will last 90 minutes.
The Training Modules + Q&A Sessions will last 90 minutes.

The Training Modules and Q&A Sessions happen on the same day of the week at 8 PM (with the exceptions of holidays and vacations).

The Born To Do Retreat happens once a year in June or in September. The exact date is still TBD.
The price of the retreat is included in the Program, except for the cost of room & board.

The starting date of the next Launch Your Business Program is scheduled for March 27th, 2019, but is subject to change.