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Episode #39 How Chani is leading change among Jewish Women by bringing them inspiring content and creating a sense of belonging
Chani Schreibhand, Founder & Editor of The UPLIFT Jewish Women's Magazine
Chani started the Magazine Uplift for Jewish Women over 35 with the vision of providing them with meaningful and inspiring content and giving them a sense of belonging. For Chani, Community means support. She dreams of building a Community where people would help each other and be there for on another in times of need, but also would have access to information to improve their lives. Listen till the end of the interview where she reveals her long term vision for the Magazine, it is very inspiring
Who is Chani Schreibhand?
Founder & Editor of The UPLIFT Jewish Women's Magazine

Chani is the Founder and Editor of The UPLIFT Jewish Women’s Magazine, which is a global project for women 35 and above, to have women to women conversations on topics that are relevant such as health, lifestyle, home and inspiration through media, podcasts and live events.

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