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Where we speak about what is happening in Israel right now and what are the impacts of the war on Jewish Women Entrepreneurs in Israel and around the world
Episode #7 How to go beyond the pain of trauma with meaning and purpose
Dr Michael Larrar, Psychiatrist & Psychoanalyst
Dr Michael Larrar is a psychiatrist and a psychoanalyst originally from France, who made Alya 8 years ago and is based now in Israel. Dr Larrar specializes in treating children and athletes, but that is not the reason that I have invited him to speak in my the JWEL Podcast.

I heard Dr Larrar in a Zoom conference and there were 2 points in what he said that struck my attention so I invited him for an interview so we can discuss these in more depth.

Here are the 2 points that Dr Larrar and myself will speak about in this interview:
- How to transform our suffering from what is happening in Israel and to the Jewish People into something greater than ourselves
- How to understand why a part of the world is not interested in facts and truth when we talk about Israel or the Jews

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