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Where we speak about what is happening in Israel right now and what are the impacts of the war on Jewish Women Entrepreneurs in Israel and around the world
Episode #4 How is Tracey advising small business owners to advertise in times of war
Tracey Lipman, Small Business Owner in Israel & IWEN Moderator
Tracey made Alya 17 years ago and she lives now in Israel with her family.
She is a small business owner who designs and handcrafts vegan friendly purses, wallets and pocket aprons for women.

And on top of her business, she is a moderator on IWEN which is a well known Facebook Group for Israeli Women Entrepreneurs Network
As a small business owner herself and being in contact with hundreds of other businesses in Israel, Tracey sees first hand what is happening to Women entrepreneurs in Israel. 

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Who is Tracey Lipman
Small Business Owner in Israel & IWEN Moderator

I am Tracey Lipman. I specialize in designing and handcrafting vegan friendly purses, wallets and pocket aprons, clever accessories for smart women.

My designs are meticulously thought out. When you choose a Tracey Lipman you can be sure the pockets are in the right place so you can find what you want, when you need it. I love working with stunning, vibrant fabrics, as well as elegant, tasteful neutral prints to create a product you will love the look of as much as you will love using.

In addition, I'm currently working on expanding my range of digital sewing patterns and tutorials.

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