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Where we speak about what is happening in Israel right now and what are the impacts of the war on Jewish Women Entrepreneurs in Israel and around the world
Episode #2 What is Debbie’s advice for Israeli business owners in times of war
Debbie Sassen, Business & Money Coach
Debbie is a Business & Money Coach located in Israel and she is seeing first hand what this war is doing to her clients who are in Israel.

Debbie has also been vocal on Social Media about the war and she will share with us what to do on social media to support Israel.

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Who is Debbie Sassen
Business & Money Coach

Debbie Sassen is a Business, Mindset & Money Coach and former Financial Planner.

She helps female entrepreneurs double their income and build wealth by managing their mind and their money better.
Her coaching gracefully combines business strategy and practical money management with mindset work to dissolve the family of origin money story and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in a cycle of under-earning, overspending, and under-saving.

Unfortunately, too many women (and a few men) never learned how to understand money, earn abundantly, and manage their finances to build wealth.
Too many women feel belittled and diminished by professionals in the financial industry.

Debbie believes it's time we changed that narrative! No woman should have to dim her light and brilliance to build a solid financial reality for herself and her family - now and in the future!
When we own our wealth and take responsibility for it, we give other people permission to shine their brilliance brightly, too.

Debbie’s book The $1K Investor: Simple, Smart Steps to Start Investing with $1K or Less is available on Amazon.

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