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Where we speak about what is happening in Israel right now and what are the impacts of the war on Jewish Women Entrepreneurs in Israel and around the world
Episode #1 How Aliza decides to help Israeli business owners in times of war 
Aliza Naon, CEO of SmartBizOps
Aliza is a System specialist who lives in Shilo, which is a small village in the Center of Israel. She is originally from France and she made Alya a few years ago.
As soon as the war broke, Aliza saw that many people from abroad wanted to support Israel and so she compiled a list of Israeli Entrepreneurs who are impacted by the war, so that people from abroad could buy products and services from them, as a way to show their support.
This is an amazing initiative and as soon as I heard about it, I reached out to Aliza and invited her to the JWEL Podcast.

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Who is Aliza Naon
CEO of SmartBizOps

Aliza is a creative thinker and a perfectionist who loves to help small business owners run an efficient business. She has worked for over 10 years in the corporate world in Project Management, Business Management and Process & Organization before starting in the entrepreneurship world. She worked in different industries, from banking to tourism, medical research, copywriting, construction, health and fitness and more. She has a Master in Finance and a Bachelor in Business Management from the Sorbonne and a burning passion for learning new topics. She created Smartbizops in 2020 and has since helped more than 70  small business owners run their business in an efficient  manner. Her area of expertise include implementing CRM, Project Management tools, payment solutions and creating robust automation.

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