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Episode #9 The JWE Podcast with
Neta Schreiber Gamliel
What have we discussed?
  • What has changed in recent years regarding women's safety throughout the world?
  • Why did Neta found Safeup, and what is the purpose of her endeavor?
  • Where is Safeup headed in the next five years and what will it look like?
  • What role does Safeup play in empowering women?

SafeUP is a safety network for women that empowers them to protect one another.

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Who is Neta Schreiber Gamliel
CEO and Co-founder of SafeUP

Neta is described as an entrepreneur from her soul, who loves to create things from scratch and make them thrive. The seeds of women’s empowerment were planted early in her, years ago while she was still a girl, in a life-changing experience that ignited the creation of SafeUP.
Beginning her journey she had big dreams of changing the world. Neta realized the best place for her to enact change and make an impact, was by becoming an entrepreneur, especially regarding the pace at which things moved and the results that could be obtained.
Since founding SafeUP Neta’s mission is to change the current reality, to make the world a safer place for women. She is a champion of women’s equality and opportunity. And believes with enough support, networks, and funding all women will have the confidence to aim to fly high, with no barriers, and no limits of what they can achieve.

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