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Episode #6
Heather Dean
#MyUnorthodoxLife VS #MyOrthodoxLife
In this episode Heather and I are having a conversation around the Hashtag War between #MyUnorthodoxLife #MyOrthodoxLife that happened after Netflix aired the very controversial show My Unorthodox Life.

Heather Dean is an author and a professional interviewer who has left her Unorthodox life to chose to live the life of an Orthodox Jewish Woman. Which is exactly the opposite of my journey, and that's why we decided to take the Netflix show as an excuse to have a fascinating conversation around our life choices and why we are so happy that we have made them.

Through out this episode, you will learn so much about how television shows are produced and what is the incentive of producers to chose the stories that are going to keep you glued to your screen. But you will also hear 2 different perspective of what the Jewish Orthodox community is today, what we can do to improve it and how, at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is not WHAT life you live but HOW aligned you are with the life you have chosen for yourself.
Enjoy listening!  
Who is Heather Dean
Podcast Host, Author and Public Speaker

After an exciting fourteen-year career interviewing hundreds of celebrities for MTV, E! Entertainment Television, Associated Press (AP) Radio, and other international outlets, Heather Dean has become a respected media producer and interviewer in the Jewish world.

She is the Founder and CEO of Heather Dean Productions, whose projects include producing and hosting’s weekly podcast "At Home in Jerusalem," and coaching business owners on promoting their business through media interviews.

She also speaks to audiences and media outlets around the world about her behind-the-scenes experiences from the fast-paced, glamorous world of reporting about celebrities, and her surprising decision to walk away from it.
Heather’s next projects include the launch of her coaching service and webinar, “Nail that Interview!”. This initiative is aimed at helping show hosts, journalists, and business owners who seek media interviews speak effectively and confidently on the microphone.

Her exciting foray into broadcasting celebrity interviews for major media outlets, and her surprising decision to make Aliyah are detailed in her memoir, “Searching for Heather Dean: My Extraordinary Career as a Celebrity interviewer and Why I Walked Away from It.”

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