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Episode #37 How Aliza found a way to be successful with all her passions without having to chose one over the others
Aliza Naon, Founder of SmartBizOps, Process and Operations Consultant
In this episode, Aliza Naon shares how she is growing 2 successful businesses alongside many other passions and hobbies, as well as her 5 kids. She explains how she discovered the common denominator between all of her passions and how this is what gives meaning to everything she does. In this very honest and vulnerable conversation, Aliza also talks about her journey, how she lived in 5 different countries before deciding to come live in Israel and the fascinating story of how she decided to convert to Judaism. Listen all the way until the end of the episode to discover what Aliza believes is the secret ingredient of all Jewish Woman Entrepreneurs.
Who is Aliza Naon?
Founder of SmartBizOps

Aliza is a creative thinker and a perfectionist who love to help small business owners
run an efficient business.
She has worked for over 10 years in the corporate world in Project Management,
Business Management and Process & Organization before starting in the
entrepreneurship world. She worked in different industries, from banking to tourism,
medical research, copywriting, construction, health and fitness and more.
She has a Master in Finance and a Bachelor in Business Management from the
Sorbonne and a burning passion for learning new topics.
She created Smartbizops in 2020 and has since helped dozens of small business
owners run their business in an efficient manner.

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