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Episode #33 How Lucie is changing the way entrepreneurs look at finances 
Lucie Hautreux, Finance Coach and Founder of Date Your Finances
Lucie is a Financial Controller and she has worked all her life in finances, but this is not how she presents herself - she calls herself a "citizen of the world" since she loves to travel, she speaks 4 languages, and has already lived and worked in 5 countries. It was because she knew how to manage her finances that she was able to afford this lifestyle of traveling around the world and starting her own business. Today, she wants to help other entrepreneurs to fall in love with their finances and to look at money as a tool to realise their dreams. Listen to the full interview to know what are the key numbers that you need to look at least every quarter as an entrepreneur. 
Who is Lucie Hautreux?
Finance Coach and Founder of Date Your Finances

Lucie is a Life-Entrepreneur, Finance Coach and founder of Date Your Finances.
She is a Frenchie and a citizen of the world as she speaks 4 languages and lived in 5 different countries from Mexico to Australia.
Exploring the world is part of her lifestyle and this is where she spends her money
With 11 years of experience as a Financial Controller, Lucie's passion is to simplify finance to make it easy for everyone to understand numbers and enjoy them. Lucie worked in big corporations before she started her own business in Indonesia helping small business owners structure their finances.
Today, Lucie teaches led-purposed women the tools and techniques to gain freedom in life and pursue their dreams.

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