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Episode #28 How Beth uses PR & media to grow your Business
Beth Nydick, Founder of Beth Nydick Media
In this episode, Beth Nydick, founder of Beth Nydick Media, talks about how she took her knowledge and skills to pivot and create a PR & Media digital agency.  She teaches, collaborates, and uses her genius to get her clients the exposure they need to reach their media goals based on strategic decisions.  Beth is a role model and provides inspiration to other women proving that leadership in the field of media is possible.  With honesty – she talks about the challenges women and entrepreneurs face and how her Jewish identity is a guiding factor.  Listen to the full episode to hear Beth’s tips on what you need to do to make your company visible online.  

Who is Beth Nydick?
Founder of Beth Nydick Media

Beth Nydick is a speaker, author, podcast host, and business mentor, who started building her online community as a second career by using her experience to help educate others and grow their businesses.
After spending working in media at NBC, MTV, VH1, OPRAH, Warner Brothers, Viacom, & Universal as well as an online entrepreneur, she decided it was time for a career shift.
Using the experience and knowledge gained during those 20 years, she now is a coach and runs a digital agency.

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