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Episode #26 How did Tally translate an idea into a successful non profit, and became its Chairwoman 
Tally Elhyani, Founder of Zehud Jewish Online School
Tally is the perfect illustration of what a true entrepreneur is - she sees a problem and she finds a solution. In this case, the solution is helping hundreds of Jewish Families across Europe by providing a Jewish Education for their kids. It all started from a solution she wanted to bring to her kids in Venice. When she started the Zehud online Jewish school they were 6 kids and today they are 100s coming from 6 countries across Europe. Tally explains how it all became possible once she shifted her mindset with the help of Nathalie and her Program. 
Who is Tally Elhyani?
Founder of Zehud Jewish Online School

Tally Elhyani was born in the UK, lived for some years in Israel, and now lives in Venice with her husband and three children.
Recognising that the level of Hebrew and Judaic Studies education that she wanted for her children was simply unavailable in Venice, Tally believed that the technology tools that she used in her day job as a successful marketing consultant could be used to harness the educational needs of her children, and from this vision, Zehud was born.
Today, Tally is the Chairman of the Board of Zehud.
Zehud is a not-for-profit online supplementary school for Jewish children in Europe whose purpose is to give children the knowledge and skills to live as proud Jews as well as feel a connection to Israel.

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