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Episode #25 Why are Women the guardians of the Jewish People's Identity and  Redemption 
Myriam Ackermann-Sommer, Student in Rabbinical School, a Teacher and a PHD Student 
In this Pre-Passover episode, Myriam talks about women's leadership in Egypt, which is what we are celebrating on Passover. She describes their courage in standing up against the tyranny of Pharaoh by seducing their husbands to have more children. They wanted to ensure the continuity of the Jewish People, even if Pharaoh had decided to kill all the Jewish baby boys. She reminds us of the Prophetess Miriam who was the one who convinced her father to conceive baby Moses who later became the leader who took the Jewish People out of Egypt.
Listen to the full episode to see how Myriam Ackerman brings different examples of how women saved the Jewish people on many occasions - from having babies in Egypt to being the first one to believe that they would go out of Egypt and refusing to give their gold to serve the idols and you will rediscover a dimension of the feminine leadership of the Women in the history of the Jewish People. 

Who is Myriam Ackermann-Sommer?
Student in Rabbinical School, a Teacher and a PHD Student

Myriam Ackermann-Sommer, MA, was born and raised in Southern France.
At the age of 20, she met and married Emile Ackermann and they decided to become Orthodox rabbis together.
It is their dream to create an inclusive Jewish community in Paris.
Myriam is an alumna of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm) and a student at Yeshivat Maharat (NYC) and the Sorbonne.
She is currently working on a PhD in Jewish American literature.
Myriam also created the first daily Talmud podcast in France to be produced by a woman (500+ episodes so far) and co-created with Tali Trèves the intensive learning program for Jewish women Kol-elles to democratize the access of half of our community to the texts that have shaped their heritage.

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