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Episode #23 Orly is a power house who dreams big and thinks small step in everything that she does 
Orly Wahba, Founder of Life Vest Inside, Abraham's Legacy and Netillah 
In this inspiring and powerful episode you will meet Orly Wahba, who is the founder of the global non-profit Life Vest Inside and the award-winning film creator of “Kindness Boomerang” with over 100 million views going viral.  In this interview, Orly shares her inspiring journey on how she took big dreams and broke them down into small tangible steps in order to achieve her biggest goals - and the results are here to prove it!  She explains how self-care is a high priority for her since it’s during those breaks that she is the most creative, that the magic happens.  Listen to the full interview and find out why Orly believes that knowing your “WHY” is so important, and to understand the importance of revenue stream, especially in non-profit organisations.
Who is Orly Wahba?
Founder of Life Vest Inside, Abraham's Legacy and Netillah

Orly Wahba is a kindness expert, an educator, a best-selling author, and a social entrepreneur.
She is the founder of the global non-profit Life Vest Inside which develops educational kindness curriculum, runs leadership training programs, international events, and utilizes the power of technology and media to inspire positive change in the world.
Life Vest Inside became globally known when her award-winning film “Kindness Boomerang” received over 100 million views and went viral. She was then invited to give a TED Talk and launched the “Kindness Revolution”.

Prior to that In 2017, Orly launched Netillah, which produces 100% pure copper Netillah cups and educates people about the importance of Netillat Yadayim and its connection with copper.
Most recently, in 2019, Orly created and launched a mobile app called Abraham’s Legacy in memory of her grandfather. It is a Social Network for Prayer that connects people across the globe through the power of collective prayer. Through the app, users can collectively complete the book of Tehillim in minutes and in unison with people from around the globe.

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