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Episode #23 How Ruth turned her Therapy Method into a Treatment Center with 15 therapists
Ruth Perednik, Expert Psychologist and Director of the Selective Mutism Treatment Center 
In this episode, Ruth Perednik, CEO of the Selective Mutism Treatment Center, talks about how she went from being a 40-years-old-stay-at-home-mom with a trilingual son who did not talk, to being the founder and director of a Treatment Center that help thousands of children with Selective Mutism from all over the world.
She explains how everything started when she allowed herself to shift her mindset from "I have to do everything myself", to "I need to hire people to help me in my mission".
She takes us behind the scenes of her journey to when she first joined the Born To Do Business Program and she translated her method into service tracks, she started to train therapists, she took her method online, and how she got really familiar with systems, hiring and managing finances.
Today, she is the proud owner of a multiple 6 figures business in $, she has 3 admins and 15 therapists working for her, she trained 100s of therapists to her method, her book is translated in many languages and she is helping parents and children with Selective Mutism all over the world.
Ruth’s advice to entrepreneurs – believe in yourself and dare to dream.

Who is Ruth Perednik?
Expert Psychologist and Director of the Selective Mutism Treatment Center

Ruth Perednik is a senior psychologist and the founder of the Selective Mutism Treatment Center in Jerusalem. Her passion for selective mutism started over three decades ago, when her trilingual son suffered from this then-unknown condition. Since then, she has treated thousands of children and teens suffering from selective mutism, has published a book that has been translated in many languages and has been invited to give a TED Talk to share her innovative treatment approach.
This treatment is based on a cognitive-behavioral treatment approach which focuses on improved social communication, usually resulting in an excellent response within several months. In this integrative approach, the significant adults in the child’s world - such as the teacher, the parents, and the therapist - are all considered therapeutic agents for change, and whenever possible, carry out their own, complementary interventions, leveraging momentum for change and healing.

The Selective Mutism Treatment Center also provides extensive in person and online training programs for parents and mental health professionals, as well as lectures on Selective Mutism in English, Spanish, and Hebrew all over the world.

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