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Episode #19 How Sandy tripled her revenue and hired 3 people in her team
Sandy Brudner, Founder and Principal Designer at Sandy B Interiors
In this episode, Sandy Brudner, Interior Designer and Owner of SandyB Interiors, talks about how she grew her business and explains how she was able to triple her revenue, hire a team of 3, and create an additional revenue stream with her Mentoring Program for other Interior Designers.  Two years ago, Sandy did not even know the word "System" existed in a Business context. Today, she has shifted her mindset, has implemented systems & processes, and most importantly, she has increased her confidence and effectively scaled her business.  Listen to the full episode to hear Sandy’s tips on how alignment and authenticity are, according to her, the key to reaching your goals.
Who is Sandy Brudner?
Founder and Principal Designer at Sandy B Interiors

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Sandy Brudner made Aliyah to Israel with her husband and 6 kids. Since making Aliyah, she realized her dream of opening Sandy B Interiors, a referral-based Interior Design Studio in Jerusalem.

Sandy believes that our homes are the foundations of our lives, it is the place we feel safe and secure and the place that nurtures us and our families.
Sandy designs, plans, manages, and styles spaces transforming them into beautiful and functional homes.
She works closely with her clients catering to their needs ensuring their homes are inviting, stylish and practical while bringing life, character, and personality into every room.

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