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Episode #17 How connecting to Jewish food traditions can lead to launching a successful cooking app
Rachel Abady, Co-Founder and CMO of Manna Cooking
In this episode, Rachel Abady, Co-Founder and CMO of Manna Cooking, talks about the launch of the Manna Cooking App which was born from a dream of 3 young Jewish New Yorkers to make cooking more accessible to all and to allow everyone to customise their recipes through sharing with a community. In this interview, Rachel says that food is a central reference in her life - when she is sad she turns to food, when she is happy she turns to food and some of her best Jewish Traditions are connected to food (of course!). As the only woman co-founder, she advises other female entrepreneurs to bet on themselves, to bet on the right people, and to believe in their idea. If you too have an idea, or if you have a dream of a start up or a business idea, listen to this episode and get Rachel's tips on what every start-upper needs to know to launch successfully.

Here is the link to her App:

Who is Rachel Abady?
Co-Founder and CMO of Manna Cooking

Rachel Abady is the Co-Founder and CMO of the world’s first recipe-sharing app, Manna Cooking. After sharing bagels in Prospect Park with her brother Josh Abady, Manna’s CEO, and his childhood best friend, CTO Guy Greenstein, the Manna Cooking team realized there was currently no platform that provides a space for people to share, store, and edit recipes with community and customization at the top of mind.

The three co-founders decided right there – between bites of lox and cream cheese – to create a solution that would help them (and others) address some of the most common challenges they faced with home cooking.

This idea blossomed Manna Cooking - the app that will become the first social cooking network. Rachel then named their company Manna, inspired by the miraculous food source that provided everything the Israelites needed to survive their journey in the desert.
Prior to co-founding Manna Cooking, Rachel worked at The New York Times, Huffington Post, Vox Media, Red Bull Media House, and Bustle Digital Group.
She grew up in New York City and she attended Barnard College, Columbia University, and Majored in American Studies.

When she’s not working on Manna, she’s probably eating a bagel or thinking about bagels.

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