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Episode #11 The first Israeli woman to write a book on the Israeli's Secret Sauce
Inbal Arieli, Author of Chutzpah, Global Speaker, Founder at Synthesis
In this episode, we took a deep and hard look at what it means to be Israeli from Inbal's perspective, and what is in the Israeli culture that creates this unique ecosystem that everyone tries to understand. We spoke about how Inbal was able to pinpoint so many things that may seem obvious to the Israeli eyes but that are unique to the outside observer.
And finally, if you want to know what Inbal answered when I asked her why she did not speak about the connection between Israel and the Jewish People and if she thought that Chutzpah was a masculine or a feminine trait, you will just have to listen to the whole interview ;)
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Who is Inbal Arieli
Author of Chutzpah, Global Speaker, Founder at Synthesis

Born and raised on hummus and chutzpah, Inbal transitioned from Israel Defense Forces’ elite intel unit 8200 to leading executive roles in the Israeli tech sector.

Currently, she is the Founder of Synthesis, a global leadership assessment company, and her recent business book, "Chutzpah: Why Israel is a Hub of Innovation and Entrepreneurship" was published in the US by Harper Business and translated to various languages, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Hebrew. Inbal was featured as one of the 100 most influential people in Israeli tech and one of the 100-tech-business-women-speakers in the world.

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