Born To Do Business Program

Team & Hiring

Hiring Your Team (part 1)

Hiring Your Team (part 2)

Optimising Your Team Meetings

Step by step hiring process to find the right candidate

What we will talk about in this TM?
Step 1 – Business Mapping exercise
Step 2 – Job Description
Step 3 – Internal Questionnaire
Step 4 – Personality Test
Step 5 – Screening Spreadsheet
Step 6 – Connect questionnaire with Spreadsheet
Step 7 – Questions for interview #1
Step 8 – Assignment
Step 9 – Social Media
Step 10 – Questions for interview #2
Step 11 – Starting date
Step 12 – Onboarding new team member process
Step 13 – Post the Job Description

Scale Your Business Lab – Scale Your Team

How do you hire the right people in your business to help you do what you need most so that you can stay in your unique brilliance?

Here is what we are going to talk about:

  • What happens at the beginning
  • What happens when we have more clients
  • Why we don’t like to hire
  • What happens when we don’t / do hire
  • Who should we hire & what should they do
  • How to hire the best candidates

Best Practice Module – ​Why you Need a VA ASAP and How to Hire One

The goal of this module is to introduce you to the concept of a VA and why you may need one and to walk you through the steps of hiring a VA that is perfect for you.
Here is what we will talk about:

  • Questions to ask yourself when thinking if you need a VA
  • What are your specific needs in a VA
  • Case Study: How Pack for Camp Hired April via Upwork