Born To Do Business Program

Service Delivery & Offering

Proprietary System & Packages

  • The secret recipe to increase your value and attract more clients
  • How do we gain self confidence in what we have to offer
  • How do we deliver high quality value to our clients but not necessarily connected to our time
  • How do you create your Proprietary system
  • How do you go from your Proprietary system to your packages
  • What will happen to clients and to our business once we scale our offer into packages

Webinar Example – The Irresistible Offer Webinar

Here is an example of a Webinar that you can model and adapt to your content with the structure of the webinar and the upsell offer at the end

Scaling your offer

Best Practice Module – Creating your Founding Member Course

Here is what we are going to talk about:

  • Where to start?
  • How to prepare your content?
  • How to communicate during the Course?
  • What to consider?
  • How to get feedback & testimonials?