Born To Do Business Program


Circles of Influence & Marketing Pie

  • Business Stages & Circle of influence
  • What to do with each types of lead/prospects/clients
  • Marketing pie

Marketing Plan

  • Why is Marketing important
  • Your client’s pain points
  • Heart entered message
  • Make marketing your 1 priority
  • Lead follow up
  • Campaign calendar

How to attract more clients – Networking

  • Business road map
  • Business priorities according to Stages
  • Marketing activities according to The Circles of Influence
  • Mindset alerts
  • How networking works
  • How to find more people like you
  • The ALR Method
  • Your Elevator pitch

Your Newsletter

Content Writing for Entrepreneurs (Guest Speaker Felicity Kay)

Discovering Instagram (by Guest Speaker Jordana Mark)

This Training Module is led by our Special Speaker – Jordana Mark.

Here is a little about Jordana:

Jordana is the CEO & and a Social Media Expert at Make Your Mark. She has been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners make their mark across various social media platforms since 2015. She is a self-taught, driven entrepreneur, and a Lecturer at Webschool: Digital Marketing Academy.

And here what she is going to talk about

  • What is Instagram
  • The power of Instagram
  • Why it’s unique
  • 5 stages of an Instagram buyer
  • Actionable steps to improve Your Instagram accounts

Marketing Campaigns and Funnel Strategies (Lab Session)

Webinars as Lead Generation

How to convert social media followers into paying clients (by Guest Speaker Bridie Castiel)

This Training Module is led by our Special Speaker – Bridie Castiel.

What is the theme?
How to turn Social Media followers into customers

What will you learn?

  • What is AIDA?
  • How will AIDA help you drive revenue from Social Media?
  • How to implement AIDA in your Social Media Content?

Who is it for?
Anyone who wants to convert leads to clients in Social Media

Marketing Campaign Roadmap & Checklist

  • Campaign Strategy & Branding
  • Registration Process
  • Pre-Event Promotion
  • Post-Registration + Delivery
  • Upsell + Follow up
  • Campaign Metrics
  • Tool Box


Training Module on LinkedIn – Lesson #1

This is Lesson #1 of the LinkedIn Training Module delivered by Elena Livshiz, our Marketing Expert.

This Lesson #1 will be on “Why is LinkedIn a powerful platform for your Business?”

We will speak about:

  • Why choose LinkedIn
  • Demystify Free & Premium
  • Your profile is more than a CV
  • How to build an effective profile

Training Module “Making Customers Feel At Home On Your Homepage”

Here is what we will talk about:

  • What & Why of a Homepage
  • Best Practices
  • Crafting Your Core Message
  • Format Strategically
  • Homepage Checklist

Branding your Business [by Elena]

Here is what we will talk about:

  • Why is branding is important?
  • What is a brand?
  • Elements of branding
  • Why do you need a brand kit & a brand guide?
  • Get prepared with the answers to your designer’s questions
  • An example of a branding guide

Creating Visuals for your Business + Canva Tutorial

Here is what we will talk about:

Design Theory

  • Why design is not art?
  • Designer’s toolbox
  • What images can we use?

Practice on Canva

  • Types of visuals
  • Key Words in choosing photos
  • Elements: grids, icons, etc
  • Building a team on Canva

Event Based Marketing – Turning your Marketing Idea into a Campaign

Here is what we will talk about:

  • What is Event based Marketing
  • Why do we have so many Marketing Ideas
  • How to not get overwhelmed by them
  • How to structure your Marketing Ideas into Campaigns
  • How to create a Marketing Campaign

Build your online presence with Meta Business Suite


  • Why use Meta BS?
  • Scheduling your content: Stories & Posts
  • How to assign roles on Meta BS?
  • BS Inbox to communicate with customers


  • Marketing metrics essentials
  • What should we monitor in Business Suite & Page Insights?
  • How to evaluate the success of your content performance?

Grow Your Followers on LinkedIn

Here is what we will talk about:

  • Company Page Setup
  • Engagement in Groups & Events
  • Advertise Your Business on LinkedIn

Go Green: ReUse Your Content

Here is what we will talk about:

  • What should content do?
  • Different types of content
  • Understanding the platforms
  • How to reuse your content

How to optimise the use of videos in your business by Guest Speaker Rebecca Kroese

Here is what we will talk about:

  • Video! How to make it singing & dancing 🙂
  • Why you should be using Videos in your Marketing
  • What are the technical stuff you need
  • How do you deliver a great message

Do’s and don’ts on on Social Media – how to protect your accounts

Here is what we will talk about:

  • How to check the health of your account? What is a “shadow ban”?
  • The “do’s” – explain the desired tactics favored by each social media platform (Insta, FB, and LI)
  • What can you do to improve your stats?
  • The “don’ts” – explain the forbidden tactics for each Social Media platform (Insta, FB, and LI) to avoid shadow bans or account closure.
  • What can you do to save your account if you were shadow banned

Taking the Mystery Out of Sales and Landing Pages

Discover the differences between sales and landing pages, what content you need, and the structure of the page to get clients to Press The Button for your products or services