Born To Do Business Program

Business Strategy & Management

Ideal Client and Pain Point Exercise

Pain Points & Marketing Message

Finding Your Niche

The Difference Between MGA & EGA

How To Plan The Work And Work The Plan

How To Manage Your Time & Priorities

Turning an idea into a project

Here is what we are going to talk about in this Training Module
• Why is it difficult to translate an idea into a project & What are our fears around it?
• How to choose your priorities between EGA and MGA Projects
• What is the process to follow for long term Strategic Projects
• Visualising your end-results
• Setting your goals according to your vision
• Reverse engineer your goals into Projects
• Choose which Project to start with
• Break down your Project into a step by step plan
• Answer the main strategic questions on the Project
• Choose the project that will go in your 90 days Goal Plan & insert it into your Project Management Tool
• Be the Leader, communicate on this Project with your team
• Manage your team and the execution of the Project
• Review the Project’s KPIs
• Evaluate the Return On Investment of the Project

Surveys, Questionnaire and Testimonials

What is the difference between Surveys, Questionnaires, and Testimonials?
Why and when do we use a Survey?
How do we do a Survey?
Why and when do we use a Questionnaire?
How do we do a Questionnaire?
Why and when do we ask for Testimonials?
How do we ask for Testimonials?