Do you feel that you have so many gifts,
that you don’t know which one to offer and to whom?

Do you wish that you could serve everyone who needs your help?

If you answered yes to those questions,
then you probably did not find your Niche yet.
How important is it to identify the ONE target market that you should work with?

What will happen if you don’t choose to work with a specific type of client?

I have put together a unique course called the Find Your Niche Course™️ to answer all of these questions and to show you how you will feel less overwhelmed, attract more clients and have a greater impact, once you choose the right Niche.

The Find Your Niche Course™️ will help you increase your Income, Influence, and Impact!

About The Find Your Niche Course™

In this course, you will learn how to align your business with your Unique Brilliance and with your Ideal Clients. This alignment will not only give you control over your business performance, but it will also make your offer irresistible for the people that you want to attract the most, and will increase your chances to close the sale with your Ideal Clients.

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Who is the Find Your Niche Course™ for?

If you feel that…

If you feel that…

  • You are overwhelmed with the choice of all the services that you could offer
  • Your business is not focussed on one strategic direction
  • You are not working with the people you would like to help the most
  • You don’t know how to differentiate yourself from your competition

If you want help…

Whether you want help…

  • Getting a strategic and focused direction for your business
  • Understanding who you are born to serve
  • Identify what you are the best at, what is your unique brilliance

If your goal is to…

If your goal is to…

  • Attract the right clients who will appreciate what you have to offer
  • Position your business with your unique added value
  • Use your gifts to have a greater impact on the world

What is the Find Your Niche Course™ about?

This course is composed of 6 weekly modules that will give you clarity on what you are best at and who you are designed to serve, and it will also disclose your unique differentiating proposition from your competition so that you will attract more of the right clients, increase your income, your influence, and your impact!

Who you are & what is your offering:

  • What is your Why, your Born To Do
  • What is your Unique Brilliance
  • What are you great at
  • What are the natural gifts that you are born to share with the world

Who are your potential clients (segmentation):

  • Who are you naturally born to help
  • Who is your potential Client
  • What are their pain points
  • How to discover your clients through surveys and analyze the results

What are the trends in your industry, who are your competitors:

  • Who is offering the same service/product as you
  • How to do your competitive analysis
  • How to get inspired by your competition

What is your Niche Target Market (targeting):

  • Choosing your Niche Target Market
  • Define your Ideal Client Profile
  • Create your ideal client Avatar

What is your Strategic Positioning:

  • Where you are you on your industry positioning map
  • What is the positioning aligned with your Unique Brilliance
  • What is your unique value proposition

Write Your Elevator Pitch:

  • Write your Narrative
  • Learn how to “Start with Why”
  • Write your mission statement that describes who you are, what you are offering and who you are serving
«Working with Nathalie has helped me get clarity in what I really love doing and how I can be successful doing it.»

Menachem, Owner and Founder of Yishi Inspirational Retreat

«I was able to give birth to who I am as a person, and define the added values that I wanted to offer to the world through my business.»

Shelley, Holistic Wellness Coach

«The work I did with Nathalie was coaching- and consulting-related. It helped me find ways to monetize and grow my business in a systematic way.»

Joanna, Founder of Fun In Jerusalem

«Nathalie has helped me identify the core of my business, which is very helpful at the stage of the concept definition and the go to market strategy.»

– RD, Founder of The Shabbat Collection

«The proccesses we’ve done with Nathalie were essential for me, and I can say it would be essential for anyone finding their talents.»

Ilana, Psychotherapist & Writer

How does it Work?

The Find Your Niche Course™ is a step by step course with 6 modules of empowering content, practical exercises, concrete applications, and other inspiring resources.

Here is what is included in the course:

  • 6 weekly LIVE sessions
  • Q&A session at the end of each module
  • Course Workbook with one worksheet per module
  • Access to the recordings of the sessions through a Member Site
  • A one-on-one coaching session with Nathalie at the end of the Course
  • A Facebook Group to connect with like-minded people and receive support

FAQ on the Find Your Niche Course:

The FYN Course is composed of 6 Modules. Here is the content of each Module:

  1. What is your Unique Brilliance and who are you naturally born to help

  2. Who are your Ideal Clients and what is their specific profile

  3. What are your clients’ pain points & challenges and how can you address them

  4. Who is your direct competition – do a competitive analysis and measure your competition according to specific criteria

  5. What is your Unique Value Proposition and where are you on the positioning map of your industry

  6. What is your Elevator Pitch? Know how to present yourself

The Find Your Niche Course is for you if:
– You already have an expertise and you want to start a business which is related to your expertise, but you are not sure who is your ideal target market
– You have been in business for a few years and you already have clients, and you need to find the specific market in order to:

  • focus on one Niche to become the Expert
  • reposition your business
  • find new sources of revenues
  • scale your services and leverage your business
  • make your business more profitable

This Course is not for people who want a quick fix, or who are not ready to invest time and work into finding their Niche Market.

– You will get clarity on who you are and what is your Unique Brilliance

– You will know who you should work with to be more successful

– You will identify who your ideal clients are and what are their pain points

– You will know where to find your Ideal Clients and what marketing messages to write

– You will know how to differentiate yourself from your competition

– You will write your narrative and be able to present yourself with your elevator pitch

– You will gain self-confidence in what you have to offer and will confirm that the need of the market is aligned with what you offer

No, this is an Online Course. The Modules are given over Zoom which is a video conference platform, where you will see Nathalie as the Presenter of the course as well as the other participants and will be able to interact with each other.

This is a Live Course, which means that you will attend the class together with the other participants at the same time.
However, the course will also be recorded so that you can watch it later if you are not able to attend a specific Module.

If you cannot be present on one of these dates, you will be able to watch the recording of the Module in your Member Center.
You will be given access to your Member Center at the beginning of the Course with your individual User Name and Password, and all the material of the course will be stored there.

The Course is open for a maximum of 10 participants to ensure individualized attention. 

You will be able to be in contact with the other participants of the Course during and in between the Modules.
You will be able to choose an Accountability Buddy throughout the Course to work on your homework and to exchange experiences with each other.

Yes, there will be homework to complete in between each Module of the Course.

You will receive a Workbook at the beginning of the course which will give you the instructions for the exercises and the research to be done between each Module.

This Workbook will be accessible from the Member Center as a Google Doc that you will be able to download and print to work on your individual exercises.

It should take you between one and two hours a week to complete the homework in between each Module.

If you have a technical problem with the Course, you can write an email to explaining your problem, and you will receive a reply within 24 hours.

You will be able to be in contact with Nathalie’s Team by writing at if you have any questions – other than technical questions – throughout the Course.

The access to this Course is individualized, so if you would like your friend/partner to participate you will have to register as 2 different people and each pay the price of the Course.

Altogether, each Module should not last more than 1,5 hour.
We are very conscious of your time, and we try to end each Module on time. However, we advise that you do not plan anything for 15 minutes after the Module, since there can be times where we will go overtime, and we don’t want you to miss anything.

We have a Guaranty Policy that allows you to cancel your participation to the Course in the first 2 weeks of the Course, if you can show us that you did participate to the Modules, that you did your homework and that you are still not getting the information that you thought you would get, then you can get 50% of your money back.

No, you don’t need a special internet connection, but we do advise that you close all your browsers windows for a better connection during the Zoom call.

Yes, you can download the Zoom Application on your mobile phone and you will be able to log in the Zoom call.

However, we advise that you find a spot where you can have room to write in your Worksheet or on your notebook and that you find a place away from the noise and the distractions so you could get the best out of this learning experience.

In order to be qualified as a Founding Member and enjoy the 50% discount, you need to agree to do 3 things:

– Answer a feedback questionnaire which will be given to you around the 5th Module of the Course

– Give a video testimonial of 10 to 15 minutes after the end of the Course

– Schedule a one-on-one Zomm call with Nathalie after the end of the Course