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Episode #36 Special Birthday episode about how I came out of burnout by realigning myself
In this Special Birthday episode I share with you my journey around my 50th birthday. How I went through a burnout 2 months before my birthday and how I was able to slowly come out of it by asking myself the question of alignment. I share with you everything I have learnt around alignment - What it is? What happens when you are aligned? What happens when you are not aligned? What are the red flag to look for before the whisper and the nudge that you feel inside become a punch in the face. I speak about what it means to be aligned in your business and why it can be scary to ask ourselves questions when we think that we are not ready to hear the answers. In truth the only thing that we can do is, surrender to alignment because of the "Paradox of Choice". Listen to the full episode to discover what is the Paradox of Choice and how it is connected to the spoiler I share about my book.  
Who is Nathalie Garson?

My name is Nathalie Garson and I am the host of the Jewish Women Entrepreneur Podcast where I have fascinating conversations with inspiring guests on Jewish Identity, Feminine Dimension and Leadership in Business.
I am obsessed with helping Jewish Women entrepreneurs Grow & Scale their business, so that they can share what they are Born To Do with the world and get out of their own way to stop the overwhelm and welcome the abundance they deserve.
When I first made Alya in 2004, I started to climb the corporate ladder in high tech companies. But being an entrepreneur at heart, in 2012 I was already launching my consulting business, giving strategic advice to companies and organisations.
In 2016, I realised that I wanted to help purpose-driven solopreneurs be successful while doing what they were Born To Do, so I created the Born To Do Business that provides Strategy, Coaching, and Training to entrepreneurs who want to Grow and Scale their Business.
I created the Jewish Women Entrepreneurs Global Community to offer like-minded purpose-driven entrepreneurs a safe place to connect, network and support each other and we meet every month for a Networking Meetup.

The Jewish Women Entrepreneurs Podcast is presented to you by Nathalie Garson, CEO of The Born To Do Business and Founder of The Born To Do Business Community.

You can listen to the Podcast Episodes LIVE every Sunday at 6pm Israel time [11am ET, 8am PT] in the Born To Do Business Community Facebook Group, so if you haven't joined it yet, here is the link.

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