Date Your Finances Lab

Module #1 – Beginners
The foundations of money in Business

Lesson #1 – Finance Mindset

  • Know why you do what you do
  • Plan your dates with your finances
  • Get organised with your finances

Lesson #2 – Money coming out & costs analysis

  • Learn how to track your expenses
  • My tricks to have a “what we are” conversation with your expenses
  • Know your monthly fixed costs and your variable expenses

Lesson #3 – Money coming in & get paid on time

  • Learn how to follow up your clients’ payment
  • My tricks to get paid on time
  • Total revenue and Monthly sales variation

 Lesson #4 – Net Profit, monthly Profit & Loss report

  • Overview of your profit & loss statement
  • Understanding net profit versus your goals
  • See the trends and monthly variations in your business